Review smartphone DOOGEE Valencia 2 Y100

Review smartphone DOOGEE Valencia 2 Y100

This review would like to share with you the experience and capabilities of the smartphone operating cost of $ 100, which is their hardware stuffing, exploring the interface and functions far ahead branded device with a price tag of $ 200

How did it happen and what a DOOGEE Valencia 2 Y100 in real use, read this review.

Package – DOOGEE Valencia 2 Y100

The bright blue box of cardboard in addition to smartphone light green body put the power adapter, micro USB cable, and a small instruction. But that is not all. The manufacturer has not stinted on the additional protective screen film and tissue, as well as headphones. Recent looks decent, but the sound reproducing medium. It is clean, with no noise, but the reality and the bass from the sound can not be achieved. By the way, the price of a headset-gags in China about 3-4 USD We have, it will cost 150 UAH. To talk and listen to the radio it will be just, but music fans should use a higher quality accessory.

Housing – DOOGEE Valencia 2 Y100

Smartphone DOOGEE Valencia 2 Y100 is available in these colors: black, white, yellow, green, blue and pink. Choosing a palette rolls diversity. Oh and Alcatel ONETOUCH tried to diversify the line of Android devices.

Review smartphone DOOGEE Valencia 2 Y100

The surface of the back cover obtains a rough surface. It’s hard, not slippery plastic, which does not collect fingerprints. The rear panel also covers the ends, thereby greatly increases the rigidity of the structure. Thus, perhaps, the manufacturer has made quality and assembly and accurate adjustment of functional elements, as well as lack of housing even, squeaks when you squeeze.

As part of the controls denote the location of a 3.5 mm audio jack and microUSB ports on the top and on the bottom microphone. Both mechanical keys are located on the right. Above rocker volume control, lower – the power button. Both comfortable and virtually no accidental pressures even in the tight jeans pocket.

The back cover includes cutouts for the camera, flash, and speakerphone. Underneath all traditional. After removing the battery, offers access to a memory card slot, and two for SIM-cards. One of the connectors mini SIM, the second – micro SIM. On the reverse side of the light, the green panel applied a special fee. Here is the touchpad. Touch your fingers to scroll through possible desktops, open the notifications panel and shortcuts, which is called the bottom. In turn, or double-tap of a long press you can open the settings specified in the application.

Another unique technical feature of the smartphone can be called three built-in LED-indicator. They are located on the left side in the upper part of the body. Each of them is responsible for a particular function: signals missed calls, unread messages. Purpose First impossible, but instead of mail, you can put an event notification to any other application.

The whole body of the smartphone only left a good impression. For two weeks in the test mode, not sparing his panel not formed single significant scratches.

Display – DOOGEE Valencia 2 Y100

This tube had a bright and saturated colors IPS OGS screen manufactured by Sharp. Diagonal of 5 inches, resolution – 720h1280. Referring to the price tag of the device under test, it’s a good combination. At a density of 320 pixels per inch graininess, it is visible only if you look good. Above the display is covered by a protective glass GorillaGlass third generation.

Review smartphone DOOGEE Valencia 2 Y100

The sensor is responsive, playfully responds to finger pressure. I, however, sometimes have problems when hit by small labels, but it depends on your fingers and settings on-screen display.

Multi-touch support up to 5 simultaneous touches. Corners and angles are excellent, as, indeed, and the readability of the information from the display in the sun. However, the brightness at the same time have to unscrew to the very maximum. It can make for you and the sensor, if, of course, do not select the manual mode of backlighting.

The Hardware – DOOGEE Valencia 2 Y100

“Heart” of the computer unit DOOGEE Valencia 2 Y100 performs processor Mediatek MT6592 8 cores clocked at 1.4 GHz. The tube is used Mali-450MP graphics card with 1 GB of RAM. For the average performance and the claimed price tag – the perfect combination.

The pictures can be seen that the performance of the analogs for in this smartphone – may already somewhat outdated, but with very expensive and popular in our country unit A-brands. All tested games on your phone starts. Here is just a very productive 3D graphics applications detail should choose more modest.

Embedded memory manufacturer in the tube of 8 GB. User is available about 5 GB. Private storage can be expanded with memory cards up to 64 GB. No problem, smartphone and read information from a flash drive connected via USB OTG interface.

Sound – DOOGEE Valencia 2 Y100

The sound quality of the earpiece is good, but the maximum it is better not to twist, and it may appear small noises. The same applies to the speakerphone.

Under Profiles Sound settings further improve the sound system is switched to headphones (BesAudEnh) amplifier and the speaker volume (BesLoudness). The list of applications can be found in FM radio.

Camera – DOOGEE Valencia 2 Y100

The main camera on the smartphone in the test 13 Mpixel. Installed CMOS sensor Sony (f / 2.0). In addition to the large number of settings have added autofocus, face detection function, electronic stabilization and slow mode when shooting video.

Review smartphone DOOGEE Valencia 2 Y100

Photos and videos turn out very good. Even in the evening, they are surprisingly decent quality and can be easily posted to your favorite social networks. The maximum resolution for video – Full HD.

In the frontal camera uses an 8-megapixel digital camera module without autofocus, but with face detection.

Battery – DOOGEE Valencia 2 Y100

The capacity of the built-in smart battery 2200 mAh. This charge to 5-inch pipe was sufficient on day operation in high load. After 30 minutes of talk time 1-hour watching videos, listening to audio 1.5 hours, 45 minutes and 8 hours Asphalt checking email and social networks to only 5-10% of the total battery capacity.

It is important to note that the model of Valencia 2 Y100 module is equipped with fast charging. From 0 to 70% battery charge in half an hour. Energy saving mode is provided.

OS shell application – DOOGEE Valencia 2 Y100

The interface of the smartphone is based on Android 4.4. Firmware update over the air, on the forums already in full, discusses the emergence of the tube for the 5th version of the OS.

The user interface is much finalized and gave him the name DoogeeOS. First, the user can please the Quick Access Toolbar, which extends from the bottom of the screen. The top menu is also provided. Secondly, shortcuts, and transitions are clearly and wisely, as, in general, and the smartphone itself. More details are shown in the screenshots below.

A separate item in the menu settings rendered intelligent awakening and gesture control.

In the list of installed applications already have a program to communicate with the iOS-devices, office suite, and CameraBox. The latest photos of yourself and then make a photo retouching and other add-improving image photo effects. For example, to correct skin tone, makeup, and other add.

Findings – DOOGEE Valencia 2 Y100

Review smartphone DOOGEE Valencia 2 Y100

Well, DOOGEE Valencia 2 Y100 good option smartphone with a large display for every day. The handset is easy to cope with a standard set of daily tasks and not discharged at the most inopportune moment. Complementing the positive impression a good camera, bright display, the touchpad on the rear panel and affordable price tag.

Pros DOOGEE Valencia 2 Y100:

  • good build
  • 6 color options back panel
  • quality display
  • sufficient performance
  • the touchpad on the rear panel
  • Three LED indicator
  • interesting interface
  • earphone headset supplied

Cons DOOGEE Valencia 2 Y100:

  • No hot-swappable memory card

Source: doogeemobile

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