Mac mini is cheaper slowest computers Apple

Apple is famous not only for his ability to preserve the value of the Mac at the same level for several years, but even reduce it by improved technical characteristics. For example, after the renovation of this year the youngest 13-inch version of the MacBook Air was worth $ 100 cheaper. However, the important role played by the time factor, which lowers the cost of Mac on the new, more powerful models.

Many customers rely on him for buying another computer from Apple. Why get a Mac in the secondary market, when you can wait a bit and buy it cheaper in a new state? In countries where there is an official retail store corporations such an epidemic is not observed, the Russian people are deliberately waiting for the release of new versions to buy last year. Now MacBook Pro with Retina screen can be taken for 50,000 rubles, while a year ago the minimum price tag was in the region of 90 thousand rubles.

But not all the “poppies” as rapidly losing value. Mac mini, the cheapest and smallest computer Apple, loses 25% of its value as much as three years. At half the price of the original price Mac mini can be purchased only after five years. These are the results of the study Macminicolo.

Why is this happening? Because Apple periodically updates the Mac mini, as well as the version of Server. One of the main reasons – easy and inexpensive upgrade your computer. All for $ 100-200 a skilled user can set up our mini SSD , erecting some sort of function Fusion Drive . And as strips of RAM change for a couple of minutes. Get access to all the innards of Mac mini and you can do in a matter of seconds.

Of course, the processor will still be old, but it will not be so important. In addition, its influence psychological factor: Apple does not assign a mini serial numbers and distinguish them only by year of release. A similar scheme tech giant is now working with all of your computers.

I bought my Mac mini in 2011. And after a while he put in SSD-drive and increased the amount of memory up to 16 gigabytes. In my experience, that it works no worse than the current “top» Mac. Which makes sense to buy a new mini, when in possession already have a good working machine? That is why the Mac mini so slowly getting cheaper.

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