Review of the tablet MYTAB Garda

Review of the tablet MYTAB Garda

Review of the tablet MYTAB Garda

Not so long ago to believe in affordable tablet that runs on the basis of a full-fledged Windows, it was impossible. Today, when Microsoft released a special version of the operating system Windows 8.1 with Bing, manufacturers can create cheaper models. We were on the review was just such a tablet – MYTAB Garda, one of the most affordable tablet with Windows 8.1 in Ukraine.


Unlike most products in our market, the box is made using Ukrainian ornament, and all the inscriptions in Ukrainian. Hid himself inside the plate underneath 2A charger, USB cable, OTG adapter, screen protector and guide. The keyboard is not supplied.


The tablet has a pretty standard sizes for 8-inch device. Its height is 210 mm, width 123 mm and thickness of 8.9 mm. Weighs – 320 grams.

The whole front side is covered with a protective glass in the upper part of which is the front camera lens and speaker. The screen itself is slightly recessed, whereby the side edges to obtain sharp edges, which is no good for use. Plastic housing sidewall.

On the right side is the power key and volume control, the SIM-card format microSIM and memory cards microSD. Worth noting that the memory card slot is open. At the top end is located 3.5 mm audio jack and microUSB connector. On the back of the eye located the main 2 megapixel camera on the top and bottom of the multimedia speaker. Located in the center of the metal insert. It is not removable and stylized Ukrainian ornament.

Review of the tablet MYTAB Garda

Despite the cost, the tablet is quite soundly constructed. When checking for twisting it slightly bent, but it is to be expected, because of the metal parts are only the back cover.

Interface and hardware platform

As mentioned above, the tablet running Windows 8.1 with Bing. Functionally, this version of the OS anything from the usual Windows 8.1 is no different. Therefore, we do not dwell in detail, but it is worth mentioning that due to the lack of a complete keyboard to use the device is not very convenient. Also, it is worth remembering that the tablet is equipped with a single USB port through which connects as a charger, and peripherals.

Inside the tablet works already familiar quad Intel Atom Z3735G, clocked at up to 1.83GHz. The amount of RAM is 1 GB and this is the maximum possible value for a given processor. In the role of video card supports integrated solution Intel HD Graphics. Built-in memory of 16 GB, but after turning the device on the disk will be specified volume of 10 GB and will be available only 6GB and this without having to install updates and Office 365 who want even “eat” memory. To increase the amount you should use cards format microSD. As is clear from the characteristics of “iron” very modest, so to spend all kinds of performance testing is not much use.

Review of the tablet MYTAB Garda

In everyday operation device shows acceptable performance, but no more. Sorely lacking mechanical keyboard and additional connector USB. Work in dekstopnoy Windows operating system on a small 8-inch screen is not very convenient. Everywhere you come across the small print, so no scaling or better mouse, there is nothing to do. On the other hand, the tablet interface behaves very well. Even the standard IE browser perfectly optimized, and its own application store, though not as rich as on other platforms, yet boasts a high-quality software and games. Once more, and the presence of the SIM-card format microSIM and module GPS (A-GPS) is paired with Wi-Fi module and Bluetooth. With the first user can get full access to the internet anywhere coated mobile operators. It is worth noting that the “out of the box” use the tablet as a phone will not work. The second module will quickly orient. Actually, the presence of these modules in such an inexpensive device very surprising, but nice.

Multimedia speaker device is very average, but its enough to watch movies and listen to music. The sound quality of the headphones is also not bad. Since before us tablet operating system of Windows, problems with the opening of the video files have arisen.

Built-in battery capacity is 4500 mAh. The manufacturer claims that the charge will last up to 8 hours. But in practice, the maximum CPU tablet lasted about 4 hours. If the use is not as active, while work will be approximately 6-7 hours.

Display and Camera MYTAB Garda

MYTAB Garda is equipped with an 8-inch IPS display with a resolution of 1280 × 800 pixels and a 16:10 aspect ratio. The sensor detects up to 10 simultaneous key presses. The screen has a clearly visible air gap. Oleophobic coating is absent. Maximum brightness is only 97 cd / m² and a minimum of 15.8 cd / m². Contrast ratio is at 1: 850.

Review of the tablet MYTAB Garda

Checking the calibration screen showed us the following. Color temperature is at 6500K – it’s very good, but the gamma curve, especially in dark colors, is well below 2.2, which makes dark colors even darker. It should also be noted that the color gamut is much narrower sRGB – none of the colors did not get to his place. As a result, the screen about anything good to say. The maximum brightness is very small, so use the tablet on the street with the comfort will not work, as the picture becomes bleak and indiscernible. With the rest of the parameters is also not good. In general, the screen of the tablet will be unfair to reproduce colors that casts doubt on the use of the device of any graphic editors.

Review of the tablet MYTAB Garda

If we talk about the cameras, their tablet in two – front 0.8 megapixel and 2 megapixel main. Camera suitable only for Skype or in cases of emergency, in all other situations, better to abandon their use.

Findings MYTAB Garda

MYTAB Garda – affordable tablet operating system Windows 8.1 withBing with a free annual subscription to Office 365. The device has a number of serious disadvantages associated with the mediocre screen TV, a small amount of RAM and built-in storage. At the same time, it is one of the most affordable compact tablet platform Windows 8.1, which is also equipped with modules 3G (GSM) and GPS. Appropriately, the device can solve certain problems, but it is not a good universal tool.


+ Price

Availability + 3G (GSM) and GPS

+ Metal cover

Did not like:

– The quality of the screen

– A modest amount of storage and memory

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