Highscreen Spade review - 5,5-inch 8-core Phablet

Highscreen Spade review – 5,5-inch 8-core Phablet

Highscreen Spade review - 5,5-inch 8-core Phablet

Today’s review is devoted to the “big smartphone” or, as they say now, Phablet. What the user gets for the money? In addition to the large display (5.5 inches), the device boasts a powerful eight-processor, a very good camera, and a nice design. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, and traditionally begin with a description supplied

Options – Highscreen Spade

Scope of delivery does not include any unexpected accessories, all pretty standard. In the box, apart from the smartphone, you’ll find lace microUSB-USB, mains charger unit, wired headset red instruction.

The box that comes Highscreen Spade, too, the standard for smartphones of this brand – it is made from a rough raw cardboard (such branded chip itself). The top of the package depicted smartphone “in the context” of this scheme, the average user becomes clear arrangement of components gadget, as well as its characteristics.

On the downside, the logo of cloud storage 4Sync and pointed out that the buyer of this model will receive a complimentary 64 GB of space “in the cloud”.


Highscreen Spade looks quite elegant and attractive. I am glad that the developers have paid attention not only to the internal characteristics of a smartphone, but its design. Despite its larger display (5.5 inches), the device has a relatively compact dimensions – 150 x 77 mm, particularly pleases a small shell thickness – 8.5 mm. This size was achieved by thin side frames of the screen. Weighs 158 grams device that completely coincides with the visual sensations. The gadget does not feel in the hand is too easy (toy), but at the same time, and does not draw a hand or your pocket.

The area under the display is empty since Android handed keys on the screen. Located on top of the same earpiece, front camera and light sensor and proximity. It also provides LED notifying missed events.

Screen located on the front side Highscreen Spade, securely protected by a special glass, the edges of which slightly rounded, which not only looks unusual but nice to feel your fingers. It is necessary to thank the developers for the presence of the protective film, which is already glued on display at the factory. Film quality, it is in no way distorts the image and does not interfere with your fingers.

Highscreen Spade review - 5,5-inch 8-core Phablet

Slightly rounded corners device that facilitates comfortable grip. Also, for this is to thank textured matte material from which the heel Highscreen Spade. By the way, selling the unit is available in two colors: black and white. In the case of a white frame on the ends of the device will be silver and black – dark gray.

In the upper left corner of the back of the Highscreen Spade, a silver ring, located in the main camera lens. Under it – the LED flash. At the bottom of the backdrop of the smartphone has two slots, revealing multimedia speaker with a decent level of volume and good sound.

Volume rocker and power button brought to the right end of the smartphone, so it is not necessary to reach – all at your fingertips. Grope keys without problems, since some rise above the body. The buttons clear, there are no false positives, however, twice, too, it is not necessary to press.

At the top is a 3.5mm headphone jack.

At the bottom end – opening the microphone and microUSB-port. The quality of reception / transmission of speech in Spade good, however, as in most modern smartphones in its class.

Under the back cover Highscreen Spade we see the battery capacity of 2,100 mAh, internal memory expansion slot (MicroSD) and two compartments under the SIM-card (miniSIM and microSIM).

Build quality is high, claims about it we did not have.

Soft and memory

Highscreen Spade works on the operating system Android 4.4.2 KitKat. The developers decided not to interfere with the operating system, so the interface is “green robot” looks familiar.

Also, note that there is support for updates over the air (OTA Update). Whatever it was, but still today there are models of local brands that do not know how.

Built-in memory Highscreen Spade is 8 GB. Most users will be enough, but if not – recall of a slot card format MicroSD.


Highscreen Spade review - 5,5-inch 8-core PhabletHighscreen Spade is equipped with 5.5-inch display, in fact, so the device is considered Phablet. The screen resolution is 1280 x 720 pixels. This, of course, is not Full HD, but the picture does not look grainy, individual pixels are barely distinguishable on closer inspection. We add that the display is made by technology IPS, hence the image quality. The main “sores» IPS-matrix in Highscreen Spade we have not noticed, that is, when looking at the screen at an angle not give color purple or orange. Natural color reproduction and viewing angles reach maximum values, that is 178 degrees.


Highscreen Spade is built on a powerful eight-processor MediaTek MT6592, all the cores that can operate simultaneously. Each core processor clocked at 1.7 GHz. The amount of RAM is 1 GB. These characteristics are more than enough for a quick work of the smartphone not only among the Android, but in the “heavy” applications and games.

Speaking of the latter, Highscreen Spade easily cope with all the modern three-dimensional games. This is facilitated not only a powerful eight-processor, but also graphics accelerator Mali-450MP4. In other words, if you are a fan of mobile games, Highscreen Spade be able to provide your leisure for at least another year. That is, the hardware resources of the gadget do not expire during that time.


Highscreen Spade review - 5,5-inch 8-core Phablet

A set of wireless modules at Highscreen Spade standard: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and 3G. All of these adapters are stable, censures them arose. Also say that there are two slots for SIM-card (mini-SIM and microSIM), the principle of which is no different from the vast majority of “dual-sim” on Android: standby both cards are active, and during the call – only one, the second is disabled.


As we have said above, Highscreen Spade used battery capacity of 2100 mAh. One charge is enough for a working day of active service. On average, the batteries have to be charged every 1.5-2 days. This average is worse, but it is better.


Highscreen Spade review - 5,5-inch 8-core Phablet

On photographic opportunities, Highscreen Spade developers did their best. Thus, the main camera device has a resolution of 13 megapixel and boasts Blue Glass optics and aperture ƒ / 2.2. Auto, the focus, of course, there is. The quality of the images can be evaluated as high enough.

Front camera Highscreen Spade also not to lose face. It can easily cope not only with video calls, but also capable of doing “crossbows” high quality. This sensor has a resolution of 5 MP, which is very bad by today’s standards.

Conclusion – Highscreen Spade

What, Highscreen Spade turned out quite interesting. Large 5.5-inch display unit did not cumbersome, it could be described as elegant, and the design – attractive. Eight-processor provides powerful gadget high level of performance and makes it possible to play the latest mobile games. Smartphone’s camera also did not disappoint: the main camera can take pictures of high quality and the front – so popular today.

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