Reply Chromecast: Apple begins selling “refurbished» Apple TV

Yesterday in the U.S. Apple online store are available for purchase “restored” Apple TV set-top boxes third generation. As reported by our colleagues from the portal 9to5Mac, devices that have passed similar procedure will cost customers $ 25 cheaper – $ 75 instead of the previous $ 99.

The next step towards our Apple users surprisingly coincided with the recent presentation gadget Chromecast from search engine Google. Chromecast Stream allows different content to computers and smart phones and tablets with Android and iOS on board. In this case, the device itself is just an accessory and is essentially a “virtual” cable HDMI.

As we have seen , Chromecast not be able to compete with Apple TV – though not of the birds of a feather. “Whistles” from Google lacks many useful features that are implemented in a set-top box Apple. For example, you can not run through elementary video for a few seconds ago.

Despite this, analysts tend to assume that Chromecast will be popular mainly because of the price. The device costs only $ 35, and Russian buyers on eBay and Amazon will cost no less than two thousand rubles. For this gadget quite a bit.

Of course, the price advantage is still on the side of Google, but Apple can understand – the corporation can not lower the price tag on the Apple TV under $ 50. It should also be remembered, what is the difference to “restore” the device from fresh. Under this procedure fall outside the previously Soup – they are renovating, changing body, and wrapped in a nice package. By purchasing such a device can be a good idea to save money and not sacrifice its quality. The company provides a year of warranty.

Recently, it can be seen as a technology giants suffer battlefield from smartphones and tablets to the TV market. If at least half of the iTV rumors are true, next year we’ll witness the real revolution in this field.

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