New tablet Microsoft Surface 3 review

New tablet Microsoft Surface 3 review

Consumer Quality Microsoft Surface 3 review can be described as follows: a basic machine for the application Microsoft Office, which is a cheaper alternative to Surface Pro 3. The new chip Intel Atom and the operating system Windows 8.1 (which already can be upgraded to Windows 10), it has a pretty decent length Battery life and capacity of the processor is sufficient for viewing YouTube videos at a resolution of 1080p, flow control online movie theaters and run simple games that will not cut your eyes.

Like all the other younger members of a family of products, Microsoft Surface 3 review unit has certain compromises. The most serious of these are the price (it is not so, and low for what you get) and ergonomics. If the Surface Pro 3 can be considered quite a full replacement for a laptop computer, something about the Surface 3 are not.

Microsoft released two different models Microsoft Surface 3 review: option price of $ 499. That has 2 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage memory and an updated version with 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of memory storage (is it we tested) cost $ 599. Both models will have a version with built-in LTE.

New tablet Microsoft Surface 3 review

The price proposal is not considered and the value of the cover keyboard Type Cover (another 130 USD.), And therefore the advertised price turns into a not quite correct bait. In addition, Microsoft Surface offers 3 docks for $ 200. And finally, for $ 50. You can buy the stylus Surface Pen, supplied with the Surface Pro 3, but Microsoft Surface 3 review. It works essentially the same on both machines.

The plate completes with phone technology

After opening the box with the Microsoft Surface 3 review, we found a component that was not that of his predecessors: the new charger power 13 W connector micro-USB. Similar connectors are now used in cell phones. To some extent, this decision due to the fact that the processor Intel Atom x7-Z8700 processor with a clock speed of 1.6 GHz is different low power consumption and powerful power supply it simply is not necessary. Improving the energy efficiency of the processor has allowed to limit battery power 27 watts. h. Continuous operation of the device from the battery in the test MobileMark 2014 was 8.2 hours – less than the Surface Pro 3, but enough to hold a single charge all day. Of course, in the real world, this figure may vary.

Since the processor consumes little power, Microsoft completely abandoned fans, restricting passive heat removal through the body of the tablet. Their absence is a positive thing, although fans Surface Pro 3 is also of special concern do not deliver – even at full load they produce barely audible hiss.

The design of the new charger allows, if necessary, replace the phone from charging or reduce the number of wires that have to carry. To charge the battery, you can use an external charger. Unfortunately, as some modern phones, in case of Microsoft Surface 3 review Discharge will load only a minute or two after the connection to the power supply. This creates some inconvenience if you want to use the tablet right now.

Junior member of the clan Microsoft Surface 3 review

Standing on the table a new model of Microsoft Surface 3 review looks very similar to the Surface Pro 3. Surface 3 screen with a diagonal of 10.8 inches and a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels is excellent. In size, it is slightly smaller 12-inch display Surface Pro 3 but has the same aspect ratio – 3: 2. A plane downsizing promise extras.

New tablet Microsoft Surface 3 review

The physical dimensions of the new version of Surface 3 up 26,7 × 18,7 × 0,9 cm, and weight – 620 grams Another 260 accounts for Type Cover. The bag or backpack model Surface 3 is actually no different from the Surface Pro 3, but compared to the Android tablets of similar size it is because of the keyboard weighs considerably more.

Stand Microsoft Surface 3 reviewSurface 3 has three fixed positions. After much more flexible stand, Surface Pro 3 is disappointing. I understand that Microsoft did so for economic reasons, but still would like more.

Like virtually all the other members of the family Surface, Surface model is offered with an illuminated keyboard Type Pad. (Information about whether it is released to the keyboard TouchPad, we do not have.) As with the pen tablet, the keyboard has a reduced size and the keys she is much closer to the edges than the keyboard Surface Pro 3. The top row often used keys have a slightly different form.

Surface 3 keyboard is good, but for my taste, a little small. My copy Type Cover for the Surface Pro 3 with time significantly, so sooner or later you will have to buy a new keyboard. When used with the 3 models of Surface Type Cover, designed for the Surface Pro 3, the edges of the keyboard to the tablet does not adhere completely – a magnet for the keyboard Surface Pro 3 is shifted to the side and not attracted to Surface 3 as needed.

Microsoft Surface 3 review is equipped with a port Ethernet, two USB 2.0 connectors and two ports USB 3.0. In addition, there are headphone jack and port miniDisplayPort. When set to dock the tablet adheres to it on both sides.

Unlike equipment Surface Pro 3, dock Surface 3 fully closes its own USB-ports of the tablet, but it does not need an external power supply that is required for most other docking stations. Understand hidden slot, allowing you to connect an SD card with a capacity up to 128 GB. Interfaces 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac and Bluetooth 4.0 are inside. In addition to the built-in storage, together with a subscription to Office, you get a 1 TB storage space OneDrive.

Two cameras Surface 3 are designed for use with applications Office. The front camera with a resolution of 3.5 megapixels is for Skype, and the rear 8 megapixel allows you to shoot video and save it in your notes OneNote. Built-in flash at the Surface 3 (as, indeed, and Surface Pro 3) No, but you can adjust the autofocus by touching the screen. But with the Surface Pro 3 is done you will not succeed.

Performance: to solve the basic problems it is enough

If you perceive the Surface as a machine designed to work with Office applications and other industrial and daily entertainment programs, you will be satisfied. The process of content creation among Word, OneNote, and other Office applications is not satisfactory, although, with a little high-resolution screen, I feel a little uncomfortable. There are no inhibitions when viewing YouTube content and videos from the online cinema with 1080p was not observed.

At our first meeting with the Microsoft Surface 3 review, we compared it with the tablet, built on the basis of processor Atom. The new group of tests to them was added Surface Pro 3 and several full-featured notebooks.

In general, for typical applications Office productivity Surface 3 is approximately 60% of the Surface Pro 3, but at the same time it is 25% higher than the older tablets with processors Atom (Bay Trai). These include, for example, Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10. This difference becomes even more pronounced when the graphics tests.

New tablet Microsoft Surface 3 review

The weak point of Microsoft Surface 3 review compared to the Surface Pro 3 is a memory access storage. This is manifested in the slow start-up applications and other delays. In the test CrystalDiskMark 3.0 speed read and write data blocks of 4 GB at the Surface Pro 3 was 507.1 MB / s and 242.9 MB / s, respectively. Model Surface 3 read and write the same data at a speed of 118.9 MB / s and 49.69 MB / s.

Games Microsoft Surface 3 review leaves a contradictory impression. Even in difficult games based on two-dimensional sprites (eg, The Expendabros) all worked without any flaws. But the transition to three-dimensional graphics (Serious Sam 3: BFE 2011.) acceptable speed we managed to get only at low settings.

Perhaps in Microsoft games oriented to another kind – streaming. In the near future, we plan to organize their broadcast streamed wirelessly to Xbox One, and thus the entire burden will fall on the console. Since Microsoft sees as a perfect Microsoft Surface 3 review tablet to work with Office applications and everyday use, it is natural to apply it and for appropriate purposes.

New tablet Microsoft Surface 3 review

The first tests on the Microsoft Surface 3 review we performed, connecting it to the docking station. This tablet twice hung – no scary blue screens of death, it just everything did not react. In Microsoft assured us that from other users Microsoft Surface 3 review of such complaints has been reported. After starting the test, PCMark Creative Conventional in the process of writing this review tablet floating again. Only now he was not connected to the docking station. And since it uses the passive cooling system, it can be assumed that the device is simply not able to cope with the temperature peaks. After restarting PCMark Creative, no lockups have been encountered. Equally successfully Microsoft Surface 3 review and other tests performed.

Premium level junior class

Microsoft Surface 3 review: device looks much nicer their predecessors, and this reason alone it is already possible to recommend. But it is too expensive to take it as “economical” version of the Microsoft Surface 3 review. By adding a few dollars, you can purchase a ultrabook Asus ZenBook UX305 for $ 699. And that’s a whole different level in terms of both performance and duration battery life. Apparently, Microsoft wants to position Surface 3 as some premium level junior class.

Source: Microsoft

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