Review smartphone Prestigio MultiPhone 5507 DUO: workaholic without steroids

Review smartphone of the Prestigio MultiPhone 5507 DUO: workaholic without steroids

Review smartphone Prestigio MultiPhone 5507 DUO: workaholic without steroids

The first mobile news, which came to us for testing in 2015, became Prestigio MultiPhone 5507 DUO. It is an affordable smartphone with relevance to today’s screen resolution is 5 inches. Inside the 4-core Snapdragon and 1 GB of RAM. Price tubes – $ 125. What a performance from this unit and what else it can attract a buyer – later in the review.

Scope of delivery

The bundled with Prestigio MultiPhone 5507 DUO are black headphones-droplets with the function of the headset and answer button. Flat wire, so that they will get confused a little less than usual. Still in the box have a battery charger and the appropriate cable, and, of course, the documentation.

Design and body

In terms of design the test smartphone – more workhorse than a style icon. Strict classical monoblock looks good emphasized silver inserts around the rim. She shared the front part with the glass Gorilla Glass, from the front. Additionally, the screen is protected and even housing. Last protruding slightly above the display, what helps to avoid cracks and other troubles caused by falls. In metal finishing is not used.

The back cover is not glossy and not the usual soft-touch, which immediately after touching fingerprints. It’s kind of a combination of soft-touch, non-slip plastic with a small and barely visible structured surface. In certain lights it may seem that the color of his not even black, gray and rich. Traces of touch it is not visible from the hands of the soft-touch smartphone does not slip. So that part of the selection of materials put exellent. The assembly is also at a good level. I should add that the market is still available similar to our model, but only in white color.

Review smartphone Prestigio MultiPhone 5507 DUO: workaholic without steroids

Based on the value of Prestigio MultiPhone 5507 DUO, require the manufacturer of narrow scope and minimum thickness in this case would be superfluous. Weighing in at 160 grams, which is not so little, manage your smartphone on the go, holding it in one hand, is not very easy, especially if you do not have fingers long. There is a problem in order to reach the interception without touch keys below the display. Although, I must say that the location of the power button and volume control conveniently. They respectively on the right and left edges on the same level.

As for the other functional elements, at the upper end and a 3.5 mm audio jack port microUSB, on the rim of the front of the microphone above the display on the front camera 2MP. and ambient light sensors and proximity.

From the back side in the middle pedestal decorated with silver rim, position the main 8 megapixel. camera, flash and a single microphone. At the bottom – the slot under the speakerphone.

It sounds, by the way, to match the cost of the tube. Throughout the range of the sound is smooth, without any calls at low and high frequencies. But to the earpiece no complaints. Its maximum volume is sufficient for conversations even in the subway. Background noise and rattles are not available.

Located under the back cover removable battery, two slots for SIM-card format Mini and one for the memory card. So that the user may at its discretion extend readily offered by the storage of at least 5 GB to 64 GB. Maps larger volume we have just not found. Do not forget about the possibility to use 200 GB of free cloud storage Prestigio MultiCloud.

It is important to note that to change the map without having to remove the battery, maybe not. Similarly, with SIM cards.


When you first turn on your smartphone, pleasantly surprised by a nice display. Used 5-inch IPS-matrix with excellent viewing angles. As the tube do not twist and color, and visibility of the image remains at a high level. In the sun information is read from the screen, but only at the maximum level of brightness. Noticed that the range of backlighting is not very big. Before going to bed, when I look through the interesting news of the day in the dark, I miss her a minimum. Though, most likely, it is a problem firmware and eventually correct it.

Review smartphone Prestigio MultiPhone 5507 DUO: workaholic without steroids

Responsive sensor layer, the cold at minus 20 bit naughty, but it does not matter – with gloves on it still will not work on. Supports multi-touch 5 simultaneously. Oleophobic coating is not, so you need to wipe the glass with a little effort.

In the settings screen without unnecessary frills. Automatic or manual adjustment of brightness, wallpaper, screen saver, the timing of the sleep mode and font size.

The Hardware

As the experience of operation, and it is all past events, this display proved to be excellent while surfing the web, reading news feeds and even viewing the video. Movies in HD-resolution handset is without any complaints. On the side of the player, you can play and Full HD-video, but he sometimes retarding, especially in very dynamic pictures. Even I was surprised that a very resource-intensive Asphalt 8 went here on a fairly high detail.

It is necessary to clarify that the resolution of the display – 720h1280 pixels. For budget five inches – at the time. Smooth operation of the interface and multimedia capabilities articulated above hardware provides a 4-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 200 MSM8212, clocked at 1.2 GHz. Used Adreno 302 graphics processor and 1 GB of RAM.

It all works on the basis of the operating system Android 4.4.2. In comparison with models based on MediaTek in this smartphone, there are some differences in the interface to work with two SIM-cards. The following screenshots show how to implement a range of SIM-card when you call or sending a SMS.

As expected, there are modules within the Wi-Fi (802.11b / g / n), Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS. I hope that in the near future buyer will be able to try out the tube in Prestigio MultiPhone 5507 and 3G module in the Ukrainian mobile networks.

A list of pre-defined model MultiPhone 5507 DUO programs seen in the screenshots below.


Built-in test smartphone battery capacity of 2000 mAh, although it does not possess vitality, but please its owner can. Help comes preinstalled utilities Battery Doctor. In it, you can enable smart savings or “Super savings”, which will allow more rationally allocate battery.

Review smartphone Prestigio MultiPhone 5507 DUO: workaholic without steroids

In practice, the smart phone for 30 minutes in the game Asphalt 8 eats a little more than 20% charge when the Wi-Fi and on maximum brightness of the screen. Under these conditions, while watching HD-video 20% charge takes an hour already. When surfing the net – 30% per hour.


Prestigio MultiPhone 5507 DUO got 2MP. front camera, but unlike the 5508 model, which we tested recently, no flash front.

The possibilities are limited facial fotomomodulya shooting video in HD-resolution and medium quality photos. Software is able to recognize faces. We turned right at the same time identify the four faces in a frame. The settings menu is not very friendly, but you can understand. Available mode HDR, you can configure the ISO, sharpness, choose quality photos and more.

Review smartphone Prestigio MultiPhone 5507 DUO: workaholic without steroids

Armed with the main camera module with 8MP matrix, autofocus and image stabilization inclusion when shooting movies. Rollers can be recorded in HD-resolution or lower. The camera also allows you to take panoramic photos. The pictures are good only with adequate lighting, better ones that are made on the street. You can take photos and video during recording.


Prestigio MultiPhone 5507 DUO – it really is a multifunctional “workaholic”, the price is really consistent with its internal stuffing and appearance. On the side of the smartphone 5-inch HD-display covered with glass Gorilla Glass, the opportunity to expand the built-store memory cards, two slots for SIM-card and iron, which manages c HD-video and arcade racing Asphalt 8.

Some people do not like the average autonomy, but remember – the price of the handset on the date of publication of this review is only $ 125. And this is today a very interesting proposal, which should look at when choosing a smartphone at the junction of the budget and mid-price segment

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