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Choosing a computer for school, many pay attention to the one-piece PCs. This is not surprising, because they are not only practical, but also compact – do not take up much space on your desktop.

However, one-piece, intended for the child, should be not only functional, but also comfortable. Do not get hung up on the extreme cheapness, since acquired the unit need not only for writing essays and communication in the “Classmates”. The best option – buying although not very expensive, but a general purpose computer that combines the functionality necessary and sufficient for the class computing power. Considerable importance is the appearance. Unfortunately, the currently fashionable gloss – not the best choice. The practice shows that such coverage is not very stable – it clearly visible fingerprints, dust, scratches and other marks of existence.

The first thing you look for when buying a new PC – is the processor. Experienced marketers consumers continue to teach that higher frequency and the number of cores, the better the overall system performance. In fact, by and large, they are right. Here are just besides the speed, there are other factors, such as heat generation is directly linked with the notorious cores and megahertz. Therefore, when choosing a model is to try to reach the necessary compromise. Another reason is impractical to chase the high frequency – the noise level. When used in conventional desktops massive radiators, the monoblocks this opportunity to do, so the “howling” cooling fans are able to deliver a lot of unpleasant moments to its owner. As for the amount of RAM and hard drive capacity, the rule works here, “the more, the better.” Perhaps it really is those parameters that are not worth saving. Another important component – the video card. Of course, the discrete graphics are much better than integrated, but, alas, one must be prepared for the fact that the play on relatively inexpensive monoblock your daze fail. This stems from the limitations associated with the lack of space inside the case – and, consequently, a powerful desktop processors and graphics cards do not belong here.

At present, the computer market offers a lot of variety of models cased computers. In order to facilitate the procedure of choosing the readers of this apparatus, we tested four of the most interesting devices from different manufacturers and bring you the results.

Dell Inspiron One 2330


For many home users piece PCs with screen sizes of 23 inches will be the best option. This is understandable, because the relatively large buildings provide a truly inexhaustible opportunities for engineers. Of course, this is largely at the expense of mobility, but improved cooling and reduced requirements for miniaturization of components lead to an increase in computing power products, which allows to speak about a full replacement of the usual system unit.

Dell engineers have taken full advantage of all the benefits of 23-inch-making by placing the device is not only a powerful processor, but also a discrete graphics card, built on the graphics accelerator AMD Radeon 7650M, equipped with 1024 MB of video memory own.

Externally, the machine makes a good impression. Black case with silver augmented base and cover, decorated with a large logo of the manufacturer. Attached to the computer black keyboard with large keys and a pretty nice mouse.


The keyboard does not raise any problems – soft keys, pressing which is accompanied by a distinctive click, avoid the tedious stage of addiction. Perhaps the only point – when you press the buttons located closer to the center, the keyboard panel slightly pressed, which, however, does not cause much discomfort. Naturally, keyboard, and mouse are wireless.

“Glass” 23-inch display delivers excellent brightness and contrast, as opposed to viewing angles, which are caused by the use of a matrix of type TN + Film. Performance is also missing – 3.4 GHz Intel Core i3 processor 2130 coupled with 4 GB of RAM, of course, is unlikely to “sever” gamer system, but for office and computing applications, it is more than enough. As for games, it’s possible, but not at the highest settings.

HP Pro 3520 All-in-One


PCs Hewlett-Packard’s always been known for great design, and elegant appearance are not only the older models, but also the development of mid-range, available for wide range of consumers.

So this time the new model with an index of 3520 looks like a real Hi-end. Stylish black and silver finish, covered piano lacquer, nicely distinguishes this product from the total number of competing solutions. Cute stand further underlines the solidity of the machine.

The included keyboard also does not cause negative emotions. The buttons have a standard size and is quite convenient for your daily work. Pressing a soft, no clicking or rattling. The layout of classical Russian characters inflicted with green paint – and highly visible, and do not irritate the eyes. Under a keyboard and a mouse with a big company logo – it works just fine, pressing the buttons are soft and clear.

The sound is good – high quality and adequate supply volume of production provided by two speakers Beats Audio, placed under the fine mesh.

Display with a diagonal of 20 inches has excellent brightness and contrast, all of the colors are juicy and rich – to work with or view photos on this display is very nice, although the screen is in contact with sunlight or strong light from the source monitor noticeably fade. Furthermore, unlike fairly large horizontal viewing angles far from ideal vertical – in deviation from the optimal viewing angle color rendering deteriorates. But the reaction of the matrix is ​​great – even in the most dynamic scenes, we did not find any artifacts.

The basis of the test instance is a 3.3-GHz Intel Core i3-3220, which is not only very good in terms of power consumption, but also provides good performance. Responsible for the graphics integrated video card Intel GMA HD. This accelerator will easily see the video standard Full HD, but the modern game it is clearly contraindicated.

The cooling system is traditionally the mark – despite a relatively powerful processor, the computer barely heats up.

Asus EeeTOP ET2013IUKI


The new model has positioned the company for home use, although it is perfect not only for entertainment but also for work in the office. Its primary color – black. Housing impression solid and monolithic, and the difference between the front panel and the rear cover almost imperceptible – all gaps are minimized. In general, despite the abundance of plastic that looks this computer is very solid and attractive – the designers obviously did a great job.


The included wired keyboard is also very functional. Black, square buttons, a standard layout and a soft key travel – all of this is sure to please the customer. The mouse also does not cause unpleasant feelings – to work with it comfortably.

Perhaps the only drawback of both input devices is that they are wired. Consequently, the connection “devour” two USB 2.0 connectors of the three available on the rear panel, and the wires on so many seem archaic.

The sound is quite good, but not perfect. However, despite the lack of a “label” producer acoustics, no remarks to the quality of the sound we made was not: a decent volume and minimal distortion at high frequencies make a good impression.

The device is equipped with a display diagonal of 20 inches with a resolution of 1600×900 pixels. Ample brightness, the backlight is uniform, the horizontal viewing angles are also good. Vertical little worse – for normal operation of the computer has to adjust the position for themselves.

Under standard operating conditions, the PC can be described as almost noiseless. In typical applications, it heats up quite a bit in resource – a little more. However, in no small part to contribute to the efficient processor and integrated graphics – for business applications is more than enough, but the play is not work. Perhaps disturb the user’s ears can only be quite noisy DVD-ROM drive running at maximum speed.

Acer Aspire Z3770


In the model number of the device Acer Aspire Z3770 refers to a series of solutions for home users. Strict appearance, modern processor, good graphics and an abundance of all sorts of ports could not be better suited to students and school children, but the avid gamers all this would not be that interesting. In general, Acer Aspire Z3770 – the classic “workhorse” for a person who is not required superapparat with outstanding sposobnotyami.


Case of the model (of course, the plastic) is in strict black and silver colors. Build quality is very high, and for the appearance of complaints.

Keyboard candy bar, like many other models of Acer, has an ergonomic shape. The key travel is smooth and quiet, though a tactile communication and not too good. However, the keyboard is not booming and does not creak, so that the quality of performance she boldly deserves a solid four.

Shipped with your computer mouse is also quite convenient. However, its keys are pressed it click, but it sounds to quickly get used to, and they cease to annoy.

Matte 21.5-inch screen model has a good supply of the light (16 shades). Perhaps his only flaw – glare, so working with his back to the window, is not recommended. But the color and viewing angles are consistent with current requirements.

The “heart” of the model is 3300-MHz processor Intel Core i3-3220. Memory – 4 GB HDD – 1000 GB. In general, all as “at large” – any office and graphics applications, including Adobe PhotoShop or Illustrator, work flawlessly, and tabular calculations are made without much difficulty.

The results

Having considered the four models of leading manufacturers, we can conclude that the concept of PC type All in One, in many cases, it is justified – they do not take up much space, comfortable, practical, and in most cases can decorate living home, children or even a successful businessman office desk . As for our preferences, the “Best Buy”, we have chosen the model Acer Aspire Z3770, while the “Editor’s Choice” went to Dell Inspiron One 2320. It is this unit was the most interesting exhibits excellent characteristics at more than affordable price.

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