No more Nokia smartphones or met two solitudes

The company Microsoft is buying Nokia smartphone business . Back in 2011 while at the headquarters of Microsoft, it was hard not to note how the guys from the PR-department warmly of the Finnish company. But at the same time, they strongly denied that between Microsoft and Nokia have a special relationship. Time, as always, will put everything in its place, in the promotion of the Windows Phone platform from Microsoft with no one had such a close cooperation.

One can argue long about what Stephen Elop has prepared an excellent way for sales Nokia, but you can look at it from the other side: Elop has put Microsoft at the mercy of his new company. In fact, 80% of smartphones sold in the Windows Phone have been made Nokia. Other companies prefer Android, and Microsoft would have had to completely rethink its mobile strategy to somehow affect this. But in Redmond are meant to be by the manufacturer of hardware solutions, and this requires not only financial, but also human infusions. It also should not forget about patents. So the deal with Nokia is very beneficial Microsoft. From the outside it may look like a desperation move for the Finnish company, but in fact, it’s shrewdness. Nokia investors will get rid of the complex asset, they are well paid for it, and even take away all the employees, which the company would be laying off suffered huge losses. Against the background of Blackberry, you’re willing to pay almost nothing, $ 7.2 billion for Nokia, as for me, look very good deal, especially for loss-making companies . If you think that Nokia would move to Android, and to avoid the sale, then just look at the market of Android-smartphone, which makes the main selling Samsung. Given the fact that Samsung manufactures its own components, and against the background of the level of Chinese smartphones, Nokia simply could not compete with them in this market.

Confirmation that the board gets rid of unnecessary assets, rather than grasping for a lifeline from Microsoft, is the simple fact that the Nokia brand will not change the owner. Based on the agreement, Microsoft receives the right to use the brand Nokia for 10 years, but only for existing and new products on the Series 30 and 40. In this case, after the close of the transaction, will not be able to license the brand Nokia for use in the sales of mobile devices within 30 months. Brands Asha and Lumia fully become the property of Microsoft. Thus, smart phones from Nokia, we really do not see. Yes, and phones such as the Nokia 515 , most likely, too. They are not included in the range of interests of Microsoft. The following year, the market will go Windows Phone-smartphone Microsoft Lumia, this brand will make a decent pair of Surface.

Thus, it can be noted that each of the companies got what she wanted. Buy Nokia – this is a logical step for Microsoft, and one of the last major decisions of Steve Ballmer as CEO of the company. I very much doubt that the participants were dissatisfied with the deal. After all, Nokia could still be a leader in the mobile market, but the company has missed a lot of opportunities. And Microsoft could be the developer of the most popular mobile OS in the world, getting paid for royalties and promote their online services, but it also did not happen. Therefore, and for Microsoft, and Nokia, is a good option to try to create for itself a bright future. To a large extent this is, of course, for Microsoft. The company will have a very good work to do to win the favor of consumers. But the market is a good sign, the competition will be very serious.

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