Nokia shareholders have approved the sale of Microsoft’s mobile business

It became known that the Nokia shareholders approved the deal on the sale of mobile division at Microsoft.

Of all the shareholders who took part in the vote, the deal gave the green light to 99.7%. According to the resource The Verge, referring to the publication Financial Times, participated in the voting shareholders, who account for four-fifths of all shares of Nokia. Recall, the transaction value is approximately $ 7.2 billion

Negotiations between Microsoft and Nokia , the mobile business in respect of the latter, began during the MWC 2013 in February and were initiated by Steve Ballmer, who recently spoke about the reasons for his departure from the post of CEO Microsoft. It is reported that the two teams came to a deal very meticulously, but the main stumbling block on the path to achieving a consensus was mapping unit HERE.

At the moment still not clear exactly how Microsoft plans to integrate the Lumia and Asha line with its own internal structure and marketing strategy for OS Windows Phone. Perhaps, Microsoft unite Lumia and Asha range of own-brand Surface. Unfortunately, the software giant did not disclose his plans. One thing is certain, the transaction will be completed in early 2014. With regard to the former CEO Nokia Stephen Elop, now his role at Microsoft is quite difficult to predict. We know that he is on the list of potential candidates 5 to head Microsoft.

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