BlackBerry can become a niche manufacturer of smartphones

Currently, BlackBerry has not the best of times. Sales of its mobile devices are reduced, and the financial performance deteriorated. As a result, the company was forced to seek strategic alternatives for development . Concerns about one of these alternatives shared director BlackBerry Bert Nordberg (Bert Nordberg).

As said Bert Nordberg, the company will continue to exist as a niche manufacturer of smartphones. But you need to take difficult decisions and allocate resources for finding and winning market segment, which in the future can be controlled.

He also noted, historically, that the company has always had big ambitions, but the fight against giants such as Apple, Google and Samsung was too complicated. But at the same time, the BlackBerry remains a strong position in the corporate sector, and the idea of ​​using a hardware keyboard for smartphones has a lot of supporters.

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