CNET: Nokia and the secrets of the reasons for its purchase by Microsoft

Vice president in the Microsoft Windows Phone Joe Belfiore (Joe Belfiore) shared with journalists CNET interesting thoughts on the acquisition of Nokia and revealed a number of juicy moments in the relations between companies. For example, he said, Nokia is one secret in time and did not tell Microsoft on the development of some models of smartphones based on Windows Phone. The fact that these are developed in redmondskoy company learned too late to make some changes in the software. In the end, software adaptation of the product suffered, namely, not all the features of smart phones used by 100% due to platform restrictions.

Such a scenario will not happen again after the purchase of Nokia’s business by Microsoft . Although Belfiore also remembered a case where close cooperation between the companies has yielded positive results. It’s about the new flagship Nokia Lumia 1020 . In fact, this project partners worked together. The Finnish company was responsible for the hardware, redmondskaya – for the program. As a result, Windows Phone OS was able to work effectively with a 41-megapixel camera, and at the same time to maintain two images – in full resolution and compressed up to 5 megapixels, that was the idea of ​​Microsoft.

In addition, cooperation with Nokia has allowed corporations to better understand the needs of emerging markets. Initially, the minimum configuration WP-smartphones proved to be too expensive for distribution in countries such as India and others like her. After discussion with the Finnish manufacturer to promote their long-solutions in emerging markets, have been developed and solutions based on Windows Phone.

No less important was the time of the exchange of files via Bluetooth. In the U.S., almost no way are notes Belfiore, while in other markets, especially in developing countries, is the primary agent for this kind of action. “We do not even have implemented this feature in the OS and do not understand how it can be decisive [for specific markets],” – said the vice president of Windows Phone reporters once again drawing attention to the benefit of working closely with Nokia.

Thus, Belfiore made it clear that the purchase of Nokia mobile business and its related telecommunications patents Microsoft will better integrate hardware and software components of the future of devices and increase the competitiveness of Windows Phone on the market.

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