Momento Pearl will give your loved one word

Momento Pearl will give your loved one word

Momento Pearl will give your loved one word

Most smart decorations include the option of smart devices, such as tracking of physical activity. They can offer notifications of new calls or messages received on your phone. New Momento Pearl combines technology and emotion. Decoration allows you to record a voice message on the pendant, earrings or ring.

The one who handed the jewelry gift can listen to the recording by applying decoration to your phone that supports NFC. Historically, that gift in the form of jewelry has always been considered an act of love. Momento Pearl is no exception. The idea of decorating is to create a line of interactive jewelry.

While the main jewel is the pearl, but in the future the creators want to add other gems that will serve as a commemorative medallion.

In the past, small pictures of close people kept in commemorative medallions. Momento Pearl allows you to record and store digital photos, videos, voice recording, text messaging in black or white pearl, set in 14-karat white or yellow gold. All content, you must first download the mobile application that is compatible only with the Android-powered device.

When you have finished loading the data, you press the pearl on the phone to keep your content on a piece of jewelry. These applications are also synchronized with the cloud, so if jewelry is lost, all pictures, voice, and video remain. Each pearl supports NFC technology and has 500 MB of memory.

Momento Pearl will give your loved one word

The creators promise to expand the memory up to 1GB if they will gather the necessary funds on the platform Kickstarter.

Due to the fact that the smart Momento Pearl decoration works via NFC, rather than Bluetooth, it does not need to buy the replacement or recharge the batteries.

The housing is waterproof, so you with peace of mind can take a shower in earrings or a ring on his hand. Smart decoration will cost only $ 95. Company Galatea, which is the developer of this idea, said that the retail value Momento Pearl is $ 400.

Source: TechCrunch

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