The most interesting accessories for Lumia 2015

The most interesting accessories for Lumia 2015

The most interesting accessories for Lumia 2015

The smartphone market has long includes not only the smart phones, but also numerous accessories. Sometimes, it is the set of possible accessories buyer determines the choice in favor of a smartphone. Today we tell about a few very useful and handy accessory for the line of smartphones Lumia.

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External battery

Beach modern smartphones – their short life on a single charge. But this problem has long found a solution – an external battery with a yield of USB. Thanks to their compact size, no problem to put them in a bag (even if it is a small “city” bag) with USB-cable for smartphone and do not worry any more that you will lose your connection at the most inopportune moment.

Various models of external battery fired a lot, usually they are different size, shape, and most importantly – capacity. Look at Microsoft DC-21. What do you think has a capacity of this battery?

External Battery Microsoft DC-21 and smartphone Lumia 830

Usually, the batteries in these sizes have a capacity of 3-4 Ah (ampere hours), allowing 1-1.5 times the charge current flagship smartphone. But Microsoft DC-21 has a capacity of 6 Ah! That’s enough for almost two full charge such leaders as Lumia 930, for example.

The most interesting accessories for Lumia 2015

The battery has a simple and intuitive charge indicator and button pressing which you can check the remaining battery. Plus, the indicator has only sufficient to determine the charge level of brightness and not prevent, for example at night – some external batteries have to be recharged in the other room, so bright they shine indicators.

Charge indicator Microsoft DC-21

Dimensions and weight Microsoft DC-21 are small enough and not aggravate his pocket and stylish appearance and availability of several bright color options make this gadget a good complement the style of smartphones Lumia.

Wireless speakers

Compact mobile phones all good as multifunctional devices, but one in them is still not enough – the possibility of listening to music (or watch the movie) is not alone in the headphones, and with friends. Of course, blame the relatively small body, which, perhaps, could be good stuff and loud speaker, but that’s the place for the rest of the electronics will not be left.

To the aid of external speakers, the main characteristic of which is the ratio of volume to size. Again, it is good if a column can be charged (i.e., it was to the battery and it can even operate without wires, and the sound transmitting Bluetooth), and better yet, that it is equipped with NFC – wireless short-range technology. Thanks to NFC is very easy and convenient to connect devices via Bluetooth. By the way, it is in Nokia smartphones was first used this technology.

Portable Speaker Nokia MD-12 – an excellent example of the above. Small and light device, of course, does not announce a party in the restaurant, but will allow listening to music and watching a movie without headphones, and hence not alone.

Bluetooth-Speaker Nokia MD-12 and smartphone Lumia 830

Thanks to the pad on the underside of the speaker confidently on the table and not “jumping” from vibrations. Interestingly, construction of the device involves the use of the table surface as a resonator for low frequencies.

The column is simple to use: it can be recharged through the micro-USB, it literally turns on one button, connect the device to a smartphone can be using NFC.

The most interesting accessories for Lumia 2015

Connectors Nokia MD-12

Again, as in the case of charging a portable, available in store several colors bright and pleasant to the eye. All of them, like smartphones Lumia, made of soft-touch plastic.

Wireless charging

Another interesting and useful accessory – Wireless Charger DT-903, running on standard Qi. It is compatible with smartphones such as Lumia 930, Lumia 830 and Lumia 735.

Wireless charging DT-903 and Lumia 830 smartphone

Of course, for it to work the wire still needed – the device must be connected to a power source (which, incidentally, may be the above-mentioned external battery Microsoft DC-21). But the process of charging your smartphone with this device is much more convenient than conventional wired charging, especially in the dark when it can be hard to find the right position of the port micro-USB, and even to orient the wire. Here, simply put your smartphone on the charger – and he will start charging! The process of charging indicator light will notify – diodes are located on the perimeter of charge on the bottom panel.

The lower part of the wireless charging DT-903

The most interesting accessories for Lumia 2015

But that’s not all! In the DT-903 has support for Bluetooth and NFC. It would seem – why charge these wireless protocols? The fact that the charging is not simple, and “smart.” Connecting via Bluetooth with your smartphone (using NFC, in order to avoid manual interfaces), it may signal missed calls and low battery (if your smartphone is not on it, but close). In these cases, the diode lights flashes. If you moved to another room, but this time it’s SMS, then the return you definitely know about it.

Also at the bottom of charging a button that performs two functions. Short pressing it allows you to change the brightness (useful for overnight charging) and long (about 8 seconds) cancels paired with your phone via Bluetooth.

Of course, the process of fully charging the battery using a smartphone device DT-903 is slower than normal connected to AC power, but the wireless charging, you can always keep the workplace or nightstand. And no need to constantly connect / disconnect the phone from the wire if it (the phone), you suddenly urgently needed. Plus – optical system notifications, including discharge and phone (if it is available).

In total

Of course, the list of gadgets listed above branded accessories for smartphones Lumia, which can be purchased at the official store, is not limited. We just talked about the most interesting and, so to say, unusual. But who else from the manufacturers of smartphones makes branded external batteries? Incidentally, the wireless charging technology standard Qi still equipped with a telephone unit. But it’s really convenient!

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