Romain Jerome watches presented Subcraft

Romain Jerome watches presented Subcraft

Romain Jerome watches presented Subcraft

It goes without saying that life would be much better if we sometimes have the opportunity from time to time to enjoy something luxurious. Watches Romain Jerome Subcraft provide such an opportunity.

True, Subcraft not intended for mass production. They work as follows: the number of hours shown on the display side, covered with convex glass, seconds are displayed on the dial. The device works on the principle of «Jump hour» (“jumping hour”) – they do not have the minute hand and the hour figure appears in a small window.

Upon reaching the 60-minute mark figure hour changes (jumps), hence the name. This technology is absolutely not new and has already appeared in the 1970s.

Window which tells the total number of hours is equipped with a fluorescent lamp, with which you can learn even at night time it is. Manuel Emch device is created, CEO Romain Jerome, together with the designer Alain Silberstein watch manufacturer and Jean-Marc Viderehtom. Subcraft body is made of titanium.

A watch that cost its owner $ 24,000 in, produced in limited quantities. Total 99 units available. At a cost of Subcraft can compete with Apple Watch Edition.

Source: Ubergizmo

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