Nexus 6 or Meizu MX4? Google smartphone 2015 or Chinese?

Nexus 6 or Meizu MX4? Google smartphone 2015 or Chinese?

Nexus 6 or Meizu MX4? Google smartphone 2015 or Chinese?

Google smartphone 2015 – Nexus 6, created by Motorola, and premium Chinese smartphone Meizu MX4, whose strong technical features combined with the price, which is characteristic for the middle segment. These devices differ from each other. But they both have metal rims and lack of slots for memory cards. Batteries both smartphones also about the same. There are phone numbers of Chinese companies that deserve comparison with even the most magnificent flagship smartphone market.

Comparing the characteristics of Nexus 6 and Meizu MX4 engaged columnist Androidheadlines Cory McNutt, highlighting the most important indicators that distinguish phones from each other, or, conversely, are common to both devices.

Nexus 6 and Meizu MX4 – Google smartphone 2015 or Chinese?

Google Nexus 6 – one of the largest and most expensive devices. This flagship smartphone is on a par with Turbo Droid, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge, which today are among the most powerful Android-devices. Google smartphone 2015 – Nexus 6 – a device with a metal rim, which gives it the appearance of a feeling of premium. In this respect it surpasses Nexus 4 and 5. Its curved back panel fits comfortably in the hand, but because it is too large to use it required both hands.

Google smartphone 2015 Nexus 6 has a 6-inch Quad HD AMOLED-display, whose resolution is 2560 x 1440 pixels, and the density – 493 pixels per inch. Against the background of Meizu MX4 with its 5.36-inch FHD-display (with a density of 418 pixels per inch), he is a true giant. Display Meizu MX4 is characterized by a resolution of 1920 x 1152, because the ratio of its sides is 5: 3.

Nexus 6 or Meizu MX4? Google smartphone 2015 or Chinese?

Google Nexus 6 is based on the 2.7-gigahertz quad-core Snapdragon 805, which exceeds the chipset MediaTek, used in the MX4. It is about eight-processor MediaTek, the fastest four cores running with a clock speed of 2.2 gigahertz. Apparently, today is the best of processor MediaTek, which, however, cannot be compared to those used in Nexus 6 chip from Qualcomm.

In addition, “Google smartphone 2015 release” flagship boasts three gigabytes of RAM. The RAM MX4 is only 2 gigabytes. The basic model of Nexus 6 has a 32-gigabyte drive, and Meizu MX4 – 16-gigabyte. There is also a 64-gigabyte version of both phones.

Luggage another representative Nexus line has become considerable step forward. It has a 13-megapixel sensor, autofocus, dual LED flash around the lens, and the optical image stabilization (OIS). The camera Meizu MX4 20.7-megapixel sensor, which is characteristic for the magnificent series of Sony Xperia, but no optical image stabilization.

Google smartphone 2015 Nexus 6 also has a 2-megapixel front camera, on which the 5-megapixel front camera MX4 has a significant superiority. Although self, and chat it is perhaps a bit too much already. Battery capacity is almost the same two phones: Nexus 6 – 3220 mAh, MX4 – 3100 mAh.

Both devices have the usual set of compounds. These include Wi-Fi (Dual Band), support for NFC, Bluetooth (4.1 in Nexus 6 and 4.0 Meizu MX4), and also microUSB 2.0 port for charging and data transfer. In addition, Google Nexus 6 has dual front stereo speakers and Motorola Turbo Charger, as well as support for NFC. Meizu MX4 has a location down the speaker, dual speakers inferior Nexus 6.

He is running an operating system Android 5.0 Lollipop, while Meizu is based on version Android 4.4 KitKat with a software upgrade Meizu FlymeOS 4.0.

Smartphone Meizu supports not all LTE-network. For example, in the US it can only work in 3G telecom operators T-Mobile and AT & T.

Price 32-gigabyte model without a contract with the operator of 650 US dollars, while the 64-gigabyte version of the Meizu MX4 worth $ 500.

If you look at the two devices in terms of comparison of the technical characteristics, it is easy to notice that the Nexus 6 surpasses Meizu MX4. Which, in turn, is also a great device – beautiful and qualitatively collected.

The only technical characteristics that Meizu MX4 surpasses Nexus 6 – is both cameras. Well, the price of the Chinese smartphone somewhat modest. For lovers of a more compact phone superiority of Chinese products may also be its size.

Nexus 6, in turn, can boast of QHD, faster processor, more RAM and storage capacity of the base model, a great camera with optical image stabilization, a number of additional features and, of course, the latest operating system Android 5.0 Lollipop, as well as providing support Networks LTE.

Earlier Meizu MX4 has been compared with the Galaxy S5. Its characteristics were compared with the parameters as iPhone 6 Plus. And in your opinion, whether managed Meizu MX4 stands comparison with the Google smartphone 2015 Nexus 6, though losing the leader of custom sympathy, but not too much?

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