Goodbye Deponia or “3 – Rufus – 3”

German studio Daedalic Entertainment for some reason does not like to use the numerals in the titles of their projects. Number “three” in the title of this game is not – and for good reason: we see the most that neither is on the third and last part of the misadventures of the hapless inventor by the name of Rufus on the planet, trash Deponiya, which was about to be destroyed as useless people floating in the sky aristocratic Elysium , together with all of its population. For pre-order the game on Steam does not give free accident and also last year’s Chaos on Deponia – familiarity with it, as with the first series , there is almost certainly: the plot and characters in Goodbye, Deponia all the same, and the end of the story of Rufus and his heavenly Goal girlfriend seems beginners are not very clear and not so interesting.

It is necessary to once again marvel at the hard work of developers of Hamburg: The third full-length adventure into the world of Deponii out after less than two years after the premiere of the first part – and that’s not counting the other works of this relatively small company. Fortunately, the momentum does not harm the quality, on the contrary, with each project authors skill only increases. “Farewell, Deponiya!” Differs same lush and stylish two-dimensional graphics, the same absurd humor – but just a little more of this here but thicker. The focus is now given to the main character – Rufus. Although it would be more accurate to call this individual “anti-hero”: a bad temper and a bloated egos still search and search for characters of computer games.

In the third series of determination and optimism of our protagonist brought to downright grotesque. If you want to save their planet from destruction – then it will be saved, no matter what. Rufus smash half that of the planet itself to pieces, cheat or obvoruyut 90% of its inhabitants, separates a loving couple, to feed young children evil monsters – but still will enforce that, in his view is the next brilliant plan to prevent the “end of the world” – and by penetration of the Rufus coveted Elysium. It is clear that all these plans are ultimately not quite real or not fully thought out – but let the people condemned to death Deponii not worry: they are replaced immediately by a new mad scheme.

 When creating the previous games Daedalic 2013 release, the fabulous “Night Rabbit” and magically-heroic “Memory” , the authors have put a lot of effort to look like all the puzzles can be more logical and fit well with the storyline. “Farewell, Deponiya!” Serves as an example of a different approach to the matter advenchurnogo gameplay: perhaps this is just an example of how the shortcomings of a continuation of merit. In the crazy world of planet-dump, with a mad inventor, a failure in the main role, for the logic of space is almost gone: to find meaning in these puzzles – employment ineffective. That, oddly enough, this game brings together representatives of the genre with classic quests and adds to it with not only the complexity, but also the duration. On the other hand, there were added and the infamous “toilet humor” – alas, at times local jokes seem even more vulgar. And this, incidentally, immediately distinguishes “Deponiyu” masterpieces of the era LucasArts, the ghosts are lurking every now and then through the holes of the old cloak of Rufus … However, before the innocent sadistic cynicism “Edna and Harvey ‘ cause this time it did not get it.

Clearly changed for the better approach to the content and use of equipment: now is not the pockets of Rufus burst from the most diverse collection, and at our disposal is not more than a dozen items of varying degrees of usefulness. But all this good can be shared – with other Rufus. Yes, after the protagonist finally learns the secret of his birth, it is a successful self-cloning – and fall under our control as many as three of Rufus. No different characters and abilities, as is the case with the three Goal in the “Chaos on Deponii,” they have not seen – Rufus and the cloning remains true to itself. Heroes are simply acting at different locations – and switching between them in the style of imperishable classic Day of the Tentacle. However, such “rastroennyh” hero differs only in one of the chapters of the game. But apart from this, the plot tight and we often collaborate with two twin brothers Rufus: few certainly will not find it. What is more likely is not enough – so this is the main character, so shone in the last series of his multifaceted personality, and now, unfortunately, once again relegated to the role of a minor character.

Classic quest gameplay generously diluted arcade-logic mini-games, of which there are about a dozen. They are also very funny and extremely diverse – from brushing your teeth in a circular smooth mouse movements and to his role as Zapevalov in the men’s choir (pathos-parody “Hymn Organontsev” will linger in your musical memory). Do not bypassed and the subject of the now popular on Steam entertainment in the spirit of “the surgeon himself”: Rufus, of course, does not cost anything to do complex operation to extract the tapeworm out of the abdominal cavity of his own twin – and not afraid that after the “assembly” of the patient back what something extra body remains untapped …

 Final “the last of Depony” made in the best traditions of Daedalic Entertainment – quite unexpected and even touching, in contrast to the American canon of the genre, it is not a bullet, but rather an exclamation point followed by an ellipsis. So there is likely to continue, if not, then some of the new series in the same or similar to the world, and even more so – in the same manic-dimensional trademark style by Jan Müller-Michaelis, in which the female characters for some reason not have noses, but a disadvantage is written not so much irrationality and absurdity of the whole mystery of what is happening, how heavy and gruff German humor.

Separately, to praise localization: according to tradition, the translation is only in the form of subtitles, but this time all the jokes protagonist sound in Russian is not worse than the languages ​​of Goethe and Shakespeare (who, by the way, in the credits of the game expressed special thanks) . Passage Goodbye, Deponia will take approximately 10 hours: not a record, even by today’s standards of the genre, but it’s enough to once again save the world and at the same time a good laugh – unless, of course, you will be able to withstand at Rufus on the screen for this amount of time.

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