Modern security system of your home via smartphone

Modern security system of your home via smartphone

Modern security system of your home via smartphone

The modern world is filled with many gadgets and devices. This helps to simplify our lives and make some things easier. Let’s look at the main high-tech cameras for your home.

Smart camera – is the latest and modern device, which helps to look and keep things in your home is not touched your stuff strangers or animals.

The basic principle of all cameras is tracking using motion sensors or sound sensors. If triggered one of the sensors installed on the camera. The alarm signal is sent directly to you and to the local police station. Simple circuit and simple steps. You can ask a question. What is the difference smart camera from the usual security system in your home? The answer is simple. When you look at your smartphone video of your home, you know this man a thief or just your uninvited friend. And the alarm to the police to help avoid false alarms.

Let’s look at the top smart camera at the moment:

Modern security system it’s Withings Home

Withings has been presented at the exhibition last year at IFA 2014. Withings Home is able to record from different angles your house or apartment. Smart camera consists of the main components:

  •  5 megapixel CMOS sensor
  • Two digital microphones
  • HQ speaker
  • The possibility of shooting at 135 degrees
  • Night vision

Withings Home has the ability to connect with your iPhone or iPad. The device is made of a cylindrical body and the camera has an excellent exterior design. Smart camera Withings Home connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

Modern security system of your home via smartphone

Security features have sensor noise and traffic. If the sensors are activated, the camera starts to shoot. And also sends a notification to the mobile device of its owner.

The main feature of this camera has a presence sensor indoor climate. The sensor measures not only the temperature and humidity, but also the degree of air pollution. If there are any deviations device sends a message to the house owner.

The latest and modern camera will help improve and maintain your estate in value and safety.

Source: Withings

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