Lenovo Snowman - home wireless IP-camera for $30

Lenovo Snowman – home wireless IP-camera for $30

Lenovo has several departments that develop very different products. Among other things, there is also a branch of crowdfunding that raises investment in the new devices. Moreover, these devices have their own interesting features. And now we will focus on Lenovo Snowman – new IP-camera for which the Chinese company collects the money right now!

Lenovo Snowman is a classic example of a home wireless camera for remote shooting and monitoring indoor and etc. The functionality of Lenovo Snowman can be compared with Xiaomi Small Ants 2. However, it should be noted that Lenovo Snowman is two times cheaper than Xiaomi camera, and Lenovo offers one-year subscription to the cloud storage.

Features Lenovo Snowman IP-camera

So, what Lenovo can offer for a modest $ 30?

The design Lenovo Snowman resembles the well-known drone BB-8 from the seventh films of saga “Star Wars”. A kind of “head” of camera is fixed on the basis of the spherical magnetic, so it can move 360 ​​degrees. Thus, all objects in the field of view will be recorded on video.

The camera Lenovo Snowman may be mounted on any surface, thanks to a flat base. The camera module is only 2 megapixels, however, it can record in maximum resolution of 1080p at 15 frames/sec. Of course, Lenovo Snowman supports Micro SD memory cards up to 128GB.

Lenovo Snowman - home wireless IP-camera for $30

Next to the camera lens, there are 8 different sensors that are responsible for movement tracking, identification of faces, etc. Also do not forget about the night vision sensor. Lenovo Snowman has Wi-Fi, so it can send notifications to your smartphone. According to the developers of camera it is very easy to set up and further work.Lenovo Snowman - home wireless IP-camera for $30

Specifications Lenovo Snowman:

  • Hi3518E processor
  • 16 MB of internal memory
  • Support Micro SD card slot (up to 128GB)
  • 2-megapixel camera (SC2035 sensor, f / 2.0, focal length of 2.6 mm, 1 / 2,7 CMOS)
  • horizontal viewing angle of 102 degrees
  • viewing angle of 140 degrees vertically
  • video recording at a resolution of 1280×720 pixels 25 frames / sec (H.264 codec)
  • the use of cloud storage
  • interfaces: Wi-Fi, Micro USB (for power)
  • built-in microphone
  • infrared sensor consists of a red and a color filter
  • DC power supply 5V 1,5A
  • Dimensions: 95 (H) x 62 (length of the stand) x 46 (width of the stand) x 57 (diameter of the “heads”) mm.

Currently Lenovo is held a crowdfunding campaign, and if it will collect the necessary amount of money – camera Lenovo Snowman will go on sale at a price $ 30. During the official sale price Lenovo Snowman will be increased to $ 44.

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