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Officially, the concept of shared ultrabook “2-in-1” has been announced by Intel at the recent Computex 2013 , but in fact, these devices probably familiar to you under a different name. Instead of “ultrabook with a detachable display” Try to imagine a Windows-tablet with a keyboard dock and you will see that much difference between them. Of course, in the future we will see a more advanced implementation of this concept with two operating systems, a pair of individual processors and split the data warehouse, but at this time a new class of “2-in-1” may well be attributed to the more simple and functional point of view the device ASUS Transformer Book TX300.


Model ASUS Transformer Book TX300 comes in a solid black box with a photograph on the cover of separated parts. Inside you can find the top of the “Transformers” in the form of a 13-inch tablet, the lower part as a keyboard dock, charger, carrying case and complete the necessary documentation.

Charger with Detachable mains plug is a compact candybar of black glossy plastic. Flat main connector looks more like a tablet than a notebook and a decision is different magnetic lock that protects the notebook from falling if accidentally yanked the cord.

The bag is made of a typical ASUS style, this envelope from a synthetic fabric with a pronounced texture. The inside of the cover trimmed with a soft cloth in a closed envelope flap with concealed magnetic closure. Interestingly, the envelope can accommodate not only the tablet part ASUS Transformer Book TX300, but all device assembly.


The tablet

Model ASUS Transformer Book TX300 is made ​​in the style of the Zenbook Ultrabook and tablet Transformer Pad / VivoPad – used almost the same materials and design solutions.
The front panel is fully covered by a protective plate glass. The top of the bezel can be found the manufacturer’s logo, web camera lens and a light sensor at the bottom – the illuminated touch key Windows. The basis of the body, including the back panel and side panels, made in the form of a single metal piece with the original radial texture and logo in the center. Closer to the short sidewalls of the perforations arranged on two multimedia speakers, while the upper part can be found grille active cooling system.

The top edge of the tablet ASUS Transformer Book TX300 contains a miniature power button and a pair of microphones, handed down by the lower bound: Connect to a docking station, separate magnetic connector for the power supply, card reader MicroSD format and a pair of mounting holes dock. Right side panel is completely free from the connectors on the left is the volume rocker, the battery charge, and Micro-HDMI video output and a combined audiport.

Dock Station

The lower part of the ASUS Transformer Book TX300 is designed as a conventional laptop case basis and is essentially a keyboard docking station with additional connectors, a second battery and hard drive.
The design of the hinge is typical of the Transformers from ASUS, are used to secure the two metal rods driven slider, and the connection of electronic components by using proprietary porta.Maksimalny screen angle markedly restricted to a fairly hefty tablet does not outweigh the foundation.
The bottom panel and a working dock made of metal, can be found just below the rubber feet and grilles over stereo speakers above – the island keyboard with adjustable backlighting and a large widescreen touchpad. The front and back faces the dock are free on the left sidewall imposed magnetic connector power supply, full-sized card reader SD format and a pair of LEDs activity. On the right side wall is a network plug RJ45, a pair of USB 3.0 ports, and video output Mini DisplayPort.
The weight of each of the blocks separately is 950 grams, respectively, the total mass of the transformer ASUS Transformer Book TX300 assembly to 100 grams does not hold up to 2 kg, which is quite a lot for a 13-inch device.


Model ASUS Transformer Book TX300 is equipped with a 13.3-inch IPS-screen with Full HD resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. If the text and UI elements will seem too small, you can zoom in to 125% or even 150%. Dimming range is from 25 to 200 cd/m2, available automatically adjusts to ambient light conditions. The picture quality deserves a positive assessment, the picture is bright and readable in almost any conditions, other than glare from bright light sources.

The device is equipped with an economical class processor Intel Core i5 or Core i7, with 4 GB of RAM and SSD-drive with 128 GB capacity main battery is 38 Wh (5000 mAh, 7.6 V). When the connected dock storage volume data increases at the expense of the hard disk to a 320 or 500 GB, and the battery capacity increases by 24 Wh (3120 mAh, 7.6 V). In the configuration of the processor Intel Core i7-3517U and hard drive to 500 GB transformer scored 5.4 points in the ranking performance Windows, 4300 points in PCmark7, 2700 points in PCmark8 “Home” and 3300 points in 3Dmark “Cloud Gate”.


Any unique nuances of the operation ASUS Transformer TX300 failed to notice, the model of using this transformer is similar to any other modern Windows-tablet with a keyboard dock. With the tablet in hands comfortably slowly read the news, play or watch a movie, and if necessary work is logical to combine the two halves and get additional connectors (2xUSB 3.0, RJ45, Mini DisplayPort, SD) and the hardware keyboard with backlight.

The only thing you should not do, because it puts the data that may be useful to you in tablet mode on the hard drive docking station. If you do forget that working on a file on your hard drive and take off a tablet with a docking station, you will get exactly the same effect as in the case of recovered memory stick properly. In the considered configuration uses a 2.5-inch hard disk drive Hitachi HTS545050A7E380 , connected to the interface of USB 3.0, its expected performance is much lower than that of the system SSD SanDisk U100.

A very interesting things, and with the power of this device. Conventional Transformers separate from the second battery the total battery life increases with the added capacity. However, in the case ASUS Transformer TX300 second battery has almost no influence on the autonomy – in the tablet mode and notebook mode device is about 2 hours under a maximum load, and more than 5 hours in a read mode. Additional battery in the dock almost completely consumed hard drive and support for performance connectors. I am glad that the developers have provided a special regime “Battery Up”, in which only the keyboard and touchpad, and the hard drive and additional connectors are disconnected from the power supply in order to save battery power. Note that in the offline (not connected memory) Sleep mode or completely turn off the dock recharges the tablet when its battery charge level falls below the level of 30%.

To work actively cooling ASUS Transformer TX300 no claims, the location of the radiator well chosen, the flow of hot air does not overlap the hands of any one of the standard positions. Notice the fan noise was only during testing benchmarks, normal office mode of CO is almost silent.

The verdict

As a result, ASUS Transformer Book TX300 – this is a successful hybrid device, which is equally useful in both Windows-tablet with Full HD-screen mode or in full-fledged laptop with a volume data storage and a full set of connectors.


+ Nice design, implementation of the concept of “2-in-1”
+ IPS-display with a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels
+ Performance at the level of modern ultrabooks
+ Full set of connectors (2xUSB 3.0, RJ45, Mini DisplayPort, SD + Micro-HDMI, MicroSD)
+ Capacious separate data storage SSD + HDD
+ Backlit keyboard
+ Magnetic connector charger

Do not like it

– Solid weight

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