iBand: concept bracelet from Apple


Very often amateur concepts of Apple products are boring, primitive and monotonous. But not one that we publish today. Authors of the project iBand decided to go non-standard way and assumed that of Cupertino will come not smart watch and smart (and nice looking) bracelet.

Accessory, according to the designers of T3, get all the “chips”, attributed to iWatch . On board there is an accessory heart rate monitor, GPS-tracker sensors to monitor the sleep app Healthbook, which say a lot, and Lightning connector technology Magsafe, fingerprint scanner, assistant Siri and tagging system iBeacon.

Externally, the product will be similar to the iPhone 5c – plastic gadget, color, youth. Of course, paired with iPhone 5s such a device would look inappropriately … But who says that the smartphone needs to be kept in sight? Meaning wearable devices just to shove bulky phones away and take them into the hands only when necessary.

Recall doubt that Apple is preparing Neck computer for analysis of the physical state of the users, is almost gone. Fast release indirectly confirmed by numerous appointments, data published by the mainstream media and based on insider information as well as forecasts of experts and analysts. In addition, Tim Cook had to promise the fans of the brand outlet fundamentally new category this year.

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