iWatch have not yet emerged, but dictate the future


About 2013 can remember many things, but among other things – the year in which the various smart wristwatch accessories began to gain popularity. Total for the second half of last year, it sold 1.6 million smart sports bracelets and watches. According to 9to5Mac, analysts predict strong growth in sales of such devices in 2014, and, of course, is not without hope for the output of portable devices from Apple.

Canalys analyst firm predicts sales growth of wearable electronics to more than 17 million devices. The main reason for the growth and development will be their new opportunities. Now it is a fitness enthusiast bracelets, or smart, but not very, watches. But when these accessories will add to the capabilities of the field of medicine and health, they will become more in demand, according to analysts. They seem to be guided by rumors about future product Apple. According to forecasts, wearable accessories become major consumers of new technologies, and hence – the main object of the attention of buyers. This year sales growth of their stops. They are predicting sales to more than 23 million units in 2015 and over 45 million by 2017.


The latest rumors about Apple, which employs workers from the medical sector , as well as what we know and think about a new software product company, said that Nike, Jawbone, Pebble and others will be beaten this year. iWatch, or whatever was not called future product must bite off a huge chunk of the schedule set forth above, and exceed the expectations of analysts. Remarkably, it seems to me that Apple’s wearable accessory may gain popularity and without any recreational opportunities. However, these features – the only thing we know about the future of the device, and, apparently, the only thing they know analysts.

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