Hyundai Sonata have support CarPlay

Yesterday at the International Auto Show in New York, Hyundai introduced its first car, which supports system CarPlay from Apple . They became the new model Sonata – it should go on sale in early summer this year, writes 9to5Mac.

Earlier support CarPlay in their cars announced Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and even Ferrari. It is expected that this month with their innovations we should please a few manufacturers, including Ford and Toyota. Thus, the sole partner of Apple distributing CarPlay remain without proper car Honda.

Car CarPlay system to display information on the display screen of the smartphone directly on the instrument panel in a convenient form of the driver. For example, the motorist can run applications from the display of the car, manage voice calls and messages. Moreover, thanks to CarPlay he will always be aware of information on the battery charge smartphone and signal network.

Shortly after the official release CarPlay rumors about the development of alternative solutions from other technology corporations. Concept own car system recently introduced Microsoft , and most likely, Google also does not want to remain on the sidelines.

The other day a manufacturer of automotive accessories Pioneer announced support system in their certain foods , making CarPlay much more accessible to ordinary users. Under certain conditions, they do not have to buy a new car for CarPlay, as they will be able to produce its own installation (or by service stations).

It seems, Apple seriously intends to make CarPlay most popular solution in its category. Concluding contracts with car manufacturers of the middle class, the company will be able to neut

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