32 GB high-speed memory DDR4: review HyperX FURY HX424C15FBK4 / 32

32 GB high-speed memory DDR4: review HyperX FURY HX424C15FBK4 / 32

32 GB high-speed memory DDR4: review HyperX FURY HX424C15FBK4 / 32

Still hot press releases issued by the Company on the occasion of the official announcement of the new line of memory – HyperX FURY DDR4, and we tested already arrived 4-channel Kit HyperX FURY HX424C15FBK4 / 32. Set DDR4-2400 32GB – a good reason to explore the possibilities of new sets of RAM developed progressive division of Kingston.

DDR4 memory standard currently used for categorical platform LGA2011-v3. Chips Haswell-E family are four-channel memory controller. Decisions on the basis of the CPU will work with any number of modules (1-8), but the full potential of the memory system is disclosed in the presence of 4 or 8 bars DDR4. In this case, use all available links, allowing you to get the maximum bandwidth. For this reason, it is a 4-channel kit DDR4 represent a coherent set, the choice of which is justified in the assembly system on the platform LGA2011-v3.

32 GB – an impressive amount. However, the PC 6/8-core Intel processors are likely to be used to solve non-standard-intensive tasks. For office applications or even games, such RAM is redundant, but for serious work with graphics and video memory does not happen much.

Set HyperX FURY HX424C15FBK4 / 32 comes in a plastic container with a transparent top cover, through which the silhouettes guessed modules. However, a major review of the closing of the data labels and stickers who report their certification Intel XMP.

After removing the cover, you can watch four memory strip held plastic guide.

Memory modules – not those devices that require additional configuration. The package comes with a set of only a brief guide for quick installation brackets memory and a small sticker with the logo of HyperX.

32 GB high-speed memory DDR4: review HyperX FURY HX424C15FBK4 / 32

Feature modules HyperX FURY DDR4 – automatic adjustment of the set mode. Set to work with a rated speed, you just need to install them into the motherboard. In this case, do not even need to go into the BIOS and select the available XMP-profile. Tables JEDEC is initially prescribed values corresponding to the recommended mode. In this case, DDR4-2400, 15-15-15-32, 1.2 V. In other words, the modules are not initially start working with the lowest available frequency (2133 MHz), and with the standard.

Of course, a set of support XMP, because too much difficulty would not have arisen and novice users. However, to change even one item in the BIOS need a basic knowledge of your system, but they are not all PC owners. In the case of HyperX, FURY DDR4 implemented the idea of Plug-and-Play – after connecting the optimum mode is automatically installed.

The modules are made on the basis of black textile. Trims are equipped with a line of HyperX FURY compact aluminum radiator asymmetrical shape. Despite the fact that DDR4 generally the less energy-intensive type of RAM than DDR3, additional cooler not exactly hurt.

Terms and conditions of modules can be very different. In the compact body badly blown seriously charged top-end components, internal temperatures may be far from ideal. Because additional radiator will still relevant. Especially considering that, in this case, the heat sink increases the overall height of the entire module to 3 mm. This is a distinct advantage of this line modules.

Oversized radiators may look even more impressive, but can sometimes cause serious problems when installing overall CPU coolers. If we consider that with Haswell-E will certainly be used “sweeping” coolers, the value of the compact radiators on the HyperX FURY DDR4 is even higher.

It should be noted that the radiator modules series HyperX FURY DDR4 have only black color, choose the color scheme in accordance with the decor of the motherboard complicated. On the other hand, is a universal solution. 99.9% of the boards is now made on a black PCB because noir-style units will not fall out of the overall color scheme of the system.

For planks used chips Hynix series H5AN4G8NNMFR. On both sides of planks placed on the chip 8 4 GB each. The total volume of the module – 8 GB.

Test modules are assembled in Taiwan. Some leniency to the capabilities of the device to collect high quality in mainland China can be called biased, but capacious «Assembled in Taiwan» on a subconscious level is still working. Modules left the assembly line at 4 weeks of this year.

32 GB high-speed memory DDR4: review HyperX FURY HX424C15FBK4 / 32

On one side of the radiator has a sticker with the name of a set of memory and the nominal supply voltage. Part sticker allocated under the protective area with the logo of the series. Nearby there is a reminder that the HyperX is a subsidiary of Kingston.

Except on the top module has a “game” in the light engraved with the logo of HyperX. Accurately identify the manufacturer of the memory will be easy even through the transparent wall of the enclosure.

Modules feature standard DDR4 – curved edge PCB in the central part. Given the large number of contacts for a given type of RAM such profile strips should simplify the installation by reducing the force required to secure the module in the slot.

When using a four-channel mode, the memory subsystem can provide an impressive capacity. At DDR4-2400 is about 50 GB / c for read / write.

32 GB high-speed memory DDR4: review HyperX FURY HX424C15FBK4 / 32

If this seems not enough, you can try to experiment with overclocking. Exploring the possibility of HyperX Fury HX424C15FBK4 / 32, we were able to achieve stable operation mode set in DDR4-3000. To do this, it took until the supply voltage of 1.35 V.

Before major benchmark, session can still play with the timings, identifying the best combination for maximum effect, but they are so very good.

Recall that for DDR4 models DDR4-2666 or higher, you must set the parameter CPUstrap position 125 MHz, reducing the CPU multiplier. Such manipulations are often prescribed in the XMP-profile, but they are important to remember during manual tuning.

As shown, all the same to DDR4 radiators are not only esthetic functions. After further acceleration (DDR4-3000; 1,35 V) under load Linx, 0.6.4 coolers in an open testbed warmed to 38-40 degrees. In a closed cabinet, temperature will clearly be higher. In normal mode (DDR4-2400; 1,2 V) radiator shell is not heated above 36 degrees.


32 GB high-speed memory DDR4: review HyperX FURY HX424C15FBK4 / 32

HyperX FURY HX424C15FBK4 / 32 – capacious memory speed set a new standard. Four set of 32 GB allows you to close the issue of lack of RAM, even for systems that are used not only as a powerful gaming PC, but also specialized workstations for serious work with graphics and video editing. Set initially operate normally DDR4-2400, without requiring preset BIOS. In this case, the modules have a hefty potential for additional acceleration and compact radiator blocks allow the use of this memory in systems with a large CPU cooler.

Expected retail price HyperX FURY HX424C15FBK4 / 32 – about $ 455. Price impressive, but in general it corresponds to that of the other sets of DDR4-2400 32GB. In case this capacity seems excessive, the manufacturer offers a four-set HyperX Fury HX424C15FBK4 / 16 to 16 GB, buy which will cost about $ 250.


+ Large volume

+ Good speed settings

+ Automatic mode setting DDR4-2400

+ Compact and quite spectacular radiators

+ Overclocking potential

+ Minimum heating modules under load

Do not like it

– No

Source: Kingston

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