Two in one: Apple patents headphones Tracker

Someone wanted to innovation? Here’s a little attempts from Apple. According snared patent, the company is preparing headphones , able to count pulse.

Even if the patent has not transformed into a real product (and, alas, it happens), the idea and development of smart headphones seems curious.

If you believe the documents, headphones will be able to monitor the health of its owner: measure heart rate, respiration, body temperature to determine.

Moreover, thanks to built-in accelerometer, gyro and motion sensors, the gadget can be controlled using head movements. Turning to the right can mean one team (say, the transition to the next track when listening to music), and a circular rotation head – another (eg, pauses). The list of available motion commands described in the patent is broad. The instrument will be able to distinguish the motion command from accidental or natural (when a person turns to a loud sound or nods passer).

That the patent, filed in 2008, has emerged now, it seems logical and timely. Apple seriously took medical technologies, biosensors, forthcoming intelligent tracker, and probably considering all options organize their developments. Headphones, incidentally, is not a bad option. Although not unique. Something similar can be found on Kickstarter: headphones Dash , break a big jackpot, also able to monitor the health of the user.

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