Apple uses Windows to produce a Mac

Unusual photos posted on the page head of Apple’s Twitter, has caused massive debate on the Internet. The fact that Tim Cook a few days ago visited the factory for the production of the Mac in Austin (Texas, USA), which was opened there in the strategy reorientation workers Apple. During the event, there were several pictures, one of which was published by the head. It is clearly seen that on iMac, installed on the production lines of the plant, use an operating system from Microsoft – a direct competitor to Apple.

It’s no secret that Apple officially allows the installation of Microsoft Windows on a Mac with a special utility Boot Camp. Probably, Windows 7 (presumably it is installed on the iMac) was loaded in a similar manner.

It is hardly necessary to condemn Apple for the use of software competitor for their own purposes. On the other hand, after all the attacks on Apple redmondovskuyu company during a presentation at WWDC Keynote this picture may look like a kind of apology Apple before Microsoft.

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