Headphones Noontec: when the clone better than the original


Headphones Noontec interested me for a long time. At a reputable resource Innerfidelity came review which praised their sound and called one of the best headphones in the price range up to $ 100, which is surprising for a model in appearance is the almost complete clone Beats. Recently, familiar from the shop Era-in-ear gave me an opportunity to satisfy the curiosity, sending on headphones review all of this manufacturer: 5 different models. Let me tell you about this experience dating.

Wide and diverse market of counterfeit products “bitzov”: worth a visit any online flea market and once convinced of this. Thousands of merchants praising their goods, promising for a small (and sometimes large) amount of “totally a copy thereof.” Some, however, do not bother trying to sell counterfeit and under the guise of the original with a corresponding price. Among the various replicas across and frankly bad decisions, breaking into parts after 3 days of use, and amazing instances that surpass the original in all respects, for some reason, hard copying appearance (it applies to them and products Noontec).

Noontec the company itself can not be considered absolutely newcomer to the market. They are long enough to produce a wide variety of covers, speakers and battery for smartphones and tablets of all brands. To orient “which way the wind blows”, they decided to expand its product range and headphones.

I do not know what prompted the company in choosing the design, quite noticeable copying Beets, but I suspect that is not exactly alone greed, because they have not copied the main thing – the subprime-boomy sound of the original. I think that the important role played by the high cost of molds and design work needed to create “a fundamentally new product” and Noontec as a trial balloon decided to make good headphones in the exhaust housing.

Basic, inexpensive (about $ 70) model of the company, which actually brought her popularity. Overall the design may be even not specifically described, as it is familiar to all. Metal base plate, fully enclosed glossy plastic, surprisingly bad collecting scratches. The design of both practical and good looking. Manufacturers report that used high-quality plastic that is resistant to abrasions and scratches. For the week of testing, I, of course, this check is not fully able, but the reviews on the internet confirm this statement. Of course, with careless operation can spoil everything, but in the course of normal daily use “Zoro” is not threatened.

Box all Noontec made as an antipode series Beats – white cardboard, black lettering, no unnecessary portraits, everything looks easy and almost air.

The weakest spot in many headphones – this cable. Therefore, in this model, it is removable, is connected to the left earpiece usual 3.5mm plug, so to find a replacement, if necessary, is not difficult (or turn headphones into a headset).

The package also includes a nice carrying cheholchik. Generally, due to folding inward bow, these headphones take up little space, being a good accessory for travelers.

This model is manufactured in three traditional colors: black, white and red.

By design overhead headphones, they do not cover the whole ear and lay down on top of him. Therefore, the material requirements increased embouchure. And here Noontec show their best side, the filler used is soft, synthetic leather is very high quality, so very comfortable landing. To a large extent this contributes to the pivoting mounting cups. Pressing force at Zoro less than their famous competitors, and it also is good for comfort.

Soundproofing headphones – the average for the metro, they are unlikely to fit, unless you remove the volume much, risking hearing.

Of course, the most important thing in headphones – the sound. And this is the aspect by which Zoro leave from the original stone unturned. Moreover, Zoro is one of the best models in the segment up to $ 100 of what I heard, competition can only make them Creative Aurvana Live! , others failed. The “Zoro” in the sound emphasizes the bass, but it is mild. There is no buzz, no smearing, bass clears detail quite a shock and in most cases remains in its place, not nalez at mid-range. Due to this, midrange and treble also encouraging good study of the listener. If you throw the price, it does not give the bass amplified headphones called truly universal. But smart guys in Noontec it took into account and released the following model …

Overpaid about $ 10, you get the same externally headphones, in the same three colors of the differences in this model can be called a microphone on cable, to use them as a headset and, of course, sound.

Removing the emphasis on bass, Noontec successfully unleashed the true potential emitters. Listening to them periodically doubt that it closed overhead headphones with a price less than $ 100: they sound smooth, detailed, with a decent volume effect and without much noticeable problems. In fairness, I note that minor problem is still there, but considering the price to find fault with it – stupid. 


To maximize collect all the cream, the company released a wireless version of this model. Appearance is almost identical to the previous model by adding only those controls and connectors: two-wheel-off button, which can adjust the volume and control tracks, on-off button and indicator svetoidod. Also there is a USB-connector for charging.

Charged wireless headphones for 2 hours, if you use the charger from the iPad. Work somewhere around 18 hours, the connection does not present any difficulties. The box stated availability NFC, but in the absence of devices I did not check his work. If necessary, the wire is connected to a headset, allowing you to use them as simple Zoro.

Management – very convenient, you get used to it quickly and you use intuitively.

The overall sound is similar to a conventional Zoro with a small correction to the deterioration of wireless transmission, communications headphones keeps well, problems also arise conversation, the microphone is not bad.

The price for this model is around $ 130.


Elder brother “Zoro”. In general, the construction and appearance – a very similar model, with the only difference that the cups have “hammam” and more completely cover the ear. Also included is a two wire: plain and microphone. The price is also higher, about $ 140.

Due to the increased size of the ear cushions, headphones worn even more comfortable, you can listen to for a long time without discomfort.

Sound closer to normal, not the HD modification Zoro, also there is an emphasis on the bass, but the rest of the range clears worthy.

I’m looking forward to the release of the model Hammo HD, which would unite the best of both models is a logical step to strengthen the company’s product range.

Plug in a headset model with pleasing inexpensive price ($ 50) and a stylish appearance. I’m no connoisseur line Beats, so I do not know – whether it own development Noontec or too similar copy, but the headphones look great. Truncated quadrangular pyramid metal housing, flat wire, additional insertion of metal – it looks interesting. Also there are three color options: white, black and red.

The sound from the headphones is very bass. The main emphasis is on the bass, which there are many and they are deep enough for the IEM. Also clears the rest of the range is good, but some of the tracks on the amount of bass is clearly unnecessary. Overall, an interesting model for the fans pumping bass and energetic music.



Despite the similarity to the well-known brand, Noontec managed to achieve the main goal – good sound. Therefore, if you want headphones simultaneously stylish and well-sounding, then look at the company’s products. In terms of price and buy Noontec sound somewhat logical and smarter than the original purchase.

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