Hycopter new hydrogen drone

Hycopter new hydrogen drone

Hycopter new hydrogen drone

Previously drones were expensive “toys” available only to scientists and the military. Now get your own drone everyone can. Hundreds of devices on the market – for every taste and budget. Let’s look at another interesting drone.

One problem: all civilian models use rechargeable batteries. The most usual. That guarantees a 25-minute flight (at best). After that, it requires recharging.

Project Engineer Hycopter tired similar restrictions. So they created a car that remains in the air up to 4 hours. In what way? Through hydrogen elements. Let’s look at the main features of the drone.

Features of Hycopter

Hycopter new hydrogen drone

Said the material is stored in two special containers with a capacity of 120 grams of fuel under pressure to 350 bar. The prototype used the “tube” of acrylic, but production models will have better units (carbon fiber).

True, all without traditional ingredients not done. To convert the gas into electricity is a compact lithium polymer unit.

Mass Hycopter equal to 5 kg. This invention is able to take on board a small weight (one-fifth of its own weight). Unfortunately, not “free” – the battery life will be reduced to 150 minutes.

Hycopter new hydrogen drone

Conclusion of Hycopter

Invented device Singaporean company Horizon Unmanned Systems. Alas, the price is not known (as of the date of release). Stuck clearly promising, but when you are in the open market – a mystery.

Source: Gizmag

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