OnePlus DR-1: a tiny and inexpensive "drone"

OnePlus DR-1: a tiny and inexpensive “drone”

OnePlus DR-1: a tiny and inexpensive "drone"

Developers from OnePlus famous for their smartphones. However, this time we decided to try me on a different role. The company has created an unusual unmanned drone.

Drone called the DR-1 and has a surprisingly tiny size. NEW easily fits in any hand.

A controlled device with a remote control. The built-in battery capacity of 100 mAh is enough for 8 minutes of continuous flight.

OnePlus DR-1: a tiny and inexpensive "drone"

The main feature – the battery DR-1 is quickly restored. After 20 minutes of charging, he is now ready to conquer the skies.

In addition, the device cost pleases. OnePlus asks for UAV just 19,99 USD.

The device weighs a little – 12.5 grams. It is equipped with 6-axis gyro, which is not terrible windy weather. The diameter of each independent screw 4 – 30 mm.

Body painted in corporate colors and is equipped with LED backlight.

Sounds great. Although not without “but”. DR-1 release very limited edition. Therefore, wishing to purchase the gadget better hurry.

Source: Nextpowerup

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