South Korea is developing a new generation of drone TR-60

South Korea is developing a new generation of drone TR-60

South Korea is developing a new generation of drone TR-60

What future awaits us? Many technological innovations, can now show the main development projects fields of technology. The most interesting innovation Offers can be expected from the eastern countries, namely South Korea. Developers show and explain the essence of future technology. Let’s see what developers accepted.

Republic of South Korea today is one of the most developed countries on the development and production of telecommunication devices. And most recently, Korean manufacturers have shown a new drone called TR-60.

The main features of the UAV TR-60

According to the Korean developers that drone TR-60 is made of high quality materials and has the form of similar to an airplane.

The most important and interesting feature is that the drone TR-60 is capable of flying at speeds up to 500 km per hour. Suggestible speed, for the UAV. For what purposes will be designed drone Korean manufacturer is not reported.

Another main feature is its flight range which is about 6 hours of continuous operation. After that drone TR-60 will need to refuel fuel, and the drone is able to fly further.

South Korea is developing a new generation of drone TR-60

Design drone made impressive as for the development of UAV. Drone TR-60 is made of metal light material, and the drone is able to withstand a lot of pressure. Also a lot of pressure will be due to the flight altitude, as the drone can fly at altitudes up to 13 km above sea level.

What is the main objective of the drone TR-60?

Many people might think that the main task will be to monitor and spy on other countries. And the drone TR-60 will be used as a military defense. But, in fact, it is not so, as the main purpose of drone TR-60 will study in hard to reach places for a person places. Many complex and difficult problems facing the climatic conditions of our planet. And in order to solve various problems quickly need to quickly get to and learn the cause of the problem. And in the future drone TR-60 will be able to perform these tasks.

Development of the project TR-60 will be continue for a long time. And as reported by Korean developers of the project to start mass production only in 2024.

Source: PopularMechanics, PopSci

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