Huateng Flag D1 - twice cheaper than Yotaphone

Huateng Flag D1 – twice cheaper than Yotaphone

Huateng Flag D1 - twice cheaper than Yotaphone

Yota Devices Efforts to promote the phone with two screens (conventional and E Ink) failed. The general public has paid attention to such devices. Let’s look at another similar project.

Chinese developers are also not left behind. As a result – the market has seen analogues Yotaphone, one other interesting and cheaper.

It is learned that this summer the company will release Huateng model called Flag D1. The estimated price of $ 300. Let’s look at the main features of the phone.

Features of Huateng Flag D1

This amount is less than half Yota asks for the second version of its gadget Indiegogo (running a campaign to raise funds).

Features at Huateng Flag D1 decent enough. The device is equipped with a basic 5-inch IPS-display with support for 1080p. With regard to the additional 4.7-inch panel. That additional panel established on the basis of the electronic paper. Its resolution is 960 by 540 pixels.

Huateng Flag D1 - twice cheaper than Yotaphone

What else is able to boast of a smartphone from China? The phone has an 8-core MediaTek MT6752 processor clocked at 1.7 GHz. Besides 16GB constant and 2 GB of RAM.

Among other things, on board has 2 cameras: 5-megapixel on the front and rear 13-megapixels. In the role of the operating system in favor Android 5.0.

An important point: E Ink very carefully refers to the battery. If you only use this screen. 2000 mAh battery will last for 4 days.

Conclusion of Huateng Flag D1

Huateng Flag D1 showed a very interesting device. And the phone has a very decent features. That sounds good. It remains to wait for the release to make sure the build quality and software.

Source: Liliputing

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