Apple Drone - "apple" squares copter

Apple Drone – “apple” squares copter

Apple Drone - "apple" squares copter

Laptops, smartphones, and Apple clocks are known to all. But it is hardly a famous company will release them forever. One Californian engineer creates something different. For example – an unmanned drone.

UAVs are quickly gaining popularity. Sounding scenario is quite real. What users see if a year Johnny I’ve come up squares copter?

Graphic designer Eric Huismann offers fantasize on this topic. His concept most closely matches the esthetics of Cupertino.

The project is called Apple Drone. Of course, in reality does not exist. This is just a picture, allowing to present the appearance of such trends.

Apple Drone - "apple" squares copter

Artist tried their best. He painted the car in the company’s black-and-white style, full of “floating” lines. With iconic logo in the center of a smooth body.

On technical device Huismann also thought. He placed 4 iSight camera in the “legs” of the machine. Lenses are able to conduct a cinematic survey format 4K (with support for stabilization, panorama mode and video streaming to mobile gadgets).

Apple Drone - "apple" squares copter

Apple Drone can control with your iPhone or iPad.

Source: CNET

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