Review of the smartphone Huawei G7

Review of the smartphone Huawei G7

Review of the smartphone Huawei G7

Trend this year is the use of metal cases for smartphones. If earlier on metal could only dream lover flagship models, now we can select the device average. We were on the review was just such a smartphone – Huawei G7. It is equipped with a modern processor, 2GB of RAM and a capacious battery. In this review, we define the main advantages and disadvantages of the device.

The box that comes device is made in white, can be found inside the phone except the supplied plastic case, charger, USB cable, headset and paper documentation.

Appearance and ease of use

Review of the smartphone Huawei G7

Huawei G7 is not a small smartphone since its screen has a diagonal of 5.5 inches. The thickness of the device is small – only 7.6 mm. In the comparison table, we can estimate the size of the device in comparison with competitors.

Comparison of dimensions

The front side of the smartphone is covered with protective glass Gorilla Glass 3, the top of which are light sensors and proximity, the earpiece LED notifications, front camera of 5 megapixels and the manufacturer’s logo.

Touch keys onscreen, because under the display there are no controls. It should be noted that the configuration of the keys can be changed, you can also select collapsible keys.

Review of the smartphone Huawei G7

Mechanical volume rocker and power button located on the right side, underneath two slots to which access can be obtained using a paper clip. In the top slot hides memory cards microSD, and the bottom only SIM-card format microSIM. Headphone jack at the top, and the main microphone port and microUSB – below.

Review of the smartphone Huawei G7

On the back side of the lens is 13 megapixel camera with flash and an additional microphone, as well as multimedia speaker.

Review of the smartphone Huawei G7

It is worth noting that the body of the smartphone made from a single piece of aluminum. The metal itself has a pleasant tactile sensation, it is not colored and not very prone to scratches.

Review of the smartphone Huawei G7

However, the case is quite slippery, especially during the cold season. And in sub-zero temperature cooling sensation metal is not as pleasant. However, for this there is a complete case. Case himself translucent, but not soft.

Review of the smartphone Huawei G7

The use of cover significantly reduces the risk of dropping a smartphone, though adds some thickness of the shell. For the rest, in terms of convenience, all quite well. The smartphone feels heavy, but not massive. All controls are located in a convenient location for both the owner is not a small palm.

Of course, comfortable to use with one hand not work even though the existing program mode. For the rest, in terms of ease of doing great.

Interface and shell

Huawei G7 running an operating system Android 4.4 KitKat with the option to upgrade to Android 5.0 Lollipop, which is to be expected in the second quarter. In the role of membrane acts Emotion UI version 3.0. Compared with previous versions of the shell, the interface has undergone significant changes.

During an unlock an opportunity to call blind gesture from the bottom. It can be placed icons calendar, calculator, flashlight and mirror. Also here you can set the cyclic change of wallpaper or select the next picture.

Review of the smartphone Huawei G7

After unlocking, we get to the desktop, it also does the job application menu. On the desktop screen can be placed as widgets and icons of applications that can be grouped in folders. There is nothing special. The upper shutter is divided into two parts: the first are notified, and the second – the usual switches, the sequence of which can be changed. Switch between running tasks, you can press the menu key. Themselves running applications are represented as small screens. Close each gesture by using up the application and can close all the gesture, but from the bottom of the screen.

The interface is completely redrawn, not the slightest reminder that this is a smartphone based on Android 4.4 KitKat. For more fine-tuning is necessary to hold your finger on the screen until the additional menu. It can not only change the wallpaper, select widgets, but also to change the mesh screen (4×4 or 5×5), and select an animation scrolling desktops.

In addition, there are pre-installed “Themes”, where you can select a topic from the existing smartphone or download from the network. Each theme can be changed as your heart desires.

Settings smartphone also underwent changes. You see “Movement”, you can include a variety of gestures with which you considerably simplify life. Also appeared in the settings mode “in the glove.” This mode is especially needed during the winter.

Hardware Platform

Huawei G7 is equipped with a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 (MSM8916). The clock frequency cores ARM Cortex-A53 is 1.2 GHz. Adreno 306 video card is.

The main advantage is support for 64-bit computing, the possibility of which will be felt only after upgrading to Android 5.0 Lollipop. RAM is 2GB of them freely about 1 GB. Internal memory of 16 GB, but the user will be able to rely on 11.27 GB, though this disadvantage can be solved using memory cards format microSD.

The benchmark results are not very impressive. All tests show a low level of productivity of a smartphone, but it does not affect the actual use, because the smart phone running smoothly and quickly. Even stuffed settings interface does not make smart thinking.

Review of the smartphone Huawei G7

Of course, not all heavy games will run with maximum detail, but they work smoothly. For example, the game Real Racing 3 was established albeit not with the maximum graphics, but the gameplay, everything happens smoothly, without jerks.

For video playback, built-in player is not suitable in the best way. He has not much support audio and video codecs, so you should use a third-party application. Actually, AnTuTU Video Tester confirmed our forecasts.

The speaker volume is good, the voice quality is excellent. Multimedia speaker even though it is located on the rear side, and produces a loud sound quality.

Wireless interfaces presented Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.0 LE version with A2DP, as well as GPS / A-GPS / Glonass. All interfaces have proved to be good. To find the satellites, even after a cold start takes only a few seconds. The smartphone supports USB-OTG.

Despite the fact that Ukraine will sell a version with support for SIM-card, it is worth noting that the tray for memory cards formatted with the ability to install SIM-card format nanoSIM. This means that there are versions in which instead of a memory card you can put the second SIM-card.

Operation time

Huawei G7 is equipped with a battery capacity of 3000 mAh, which is not very much, and as a smartphone with 5.5 inch screen, but you need to bear in mind that the machine is not on the performance of the “iron”.

This time we have left aside tests of time in different modes. During normal use of the smartphone easily lasts 2 days, showing the work of the screen for more than 8 hours and 40 minutes, at what at the time was 1:00 and HEX 20 minutes. This is a great indicator for this smartphone, because if moderate appetites, the device can easily operate without recharging for 3 days, and this is just great. Synthetic tests also show excellent results in terms of autonomy.

As is now customary, there is power saving mode. During testing, we used the “smart mode”. It automatically adjusts CPU performance for balanced operation. “Normal” is best suited for games and applications that require maximum performance. So according to the manufacturer, although in practice it results are the same as in “smart” mode. Energy-saving mode seemed a suitable emergency and the user only when the battery is living out its last interest, while the outlet is far away. In this mode, the user has access only to the calls, messages and contacts, other functions are not available. Also in this mode, there is no possibility to change the wallpaper or anything else. Even unlock mode is changed, the same can be said of the curtain, which was left only with the notifications tab.

Screen – Huawei G7

The smartphone features a 5.5 inch IPS screen, made by technology OGS. The display resolution is 1280×720 pixels; hence, the pixel density is 267ppi.

Subjectively, the screen is excellent. For lovers of all, you can customize a few parameters to adjust the screen, thus customizing it the way you want.

Review of the smartphone Huawei G7

Measurement results show that the maximum brightness – 373 cd / m 2 and a minimum – 9.8 cd / m 2. Contrast ratio is 1: 578. Performance is not high, but quite acceptable.

Checking the calibration of the screen shows the following. Gamma curve to a greater extent is within acceptable limits, allowing you to transfer images with little distortion. Schedule color temperature is 6000K level and shows that the screen is a bit warmer.


The smartphone is equipped with two cameras – the main 13 megapixel and 5 megapixel frontally. The main camera can record video in the resolution FullHD, and the front in HD. The main camera can make photos in HDR.

One of the interesting options is to provide a mode of “Focus”. It makes your smartphone a photo, and then later on what the user selects should focus frame. Not to say that everything is working perfectly, but the result is quite good. Below is invited to refer to photographs taken in this mode.

Review of the smartphone Huawei G7

If we talk about the quality of photos taken in automatic mode, it is worth noting a rather accurate autofocus, even if it is not the fastest. The quality of images in general is not bad, and here it is necessary to consider that during testing were very few sunny days. In low-light pictures are not bad. Noise is not very large across the frame.


The result is an interesting smartphone with a nice 5.5 inch screen, autonomy, and camera performance, made in high-quality metal casing. The disadvantages include Huawei G7 except weight, which will need to get used to.


+ Metal body

+ High-quality faucet

+ Excellent autonomy

+ Good sound in the headphones, and in multimedia speakers

+ Availability of cover included

Did not like:

– Greater weight

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