Glasses MS HoloLens: towards a virtual world?

Glasses MS HoloLens: towards a virtual world?

Glasses MS HoloLens: towards a virtual world?

Just three days ago, Microsoft held a press conference on the occasion of its new operating system Windows 10. Journalists and visitors about two hours listening to, what is she comfortable and functional, but the dessert was waiting for them a real surprise. Representatives of the company showed a prototype augmented reality glasses HoloLens, capable, according to them, to make a revolution among virtual technologies.

Just ten minutes presentation dedicated to one of the most ambitious projects of Microsoft, which was preparing for five years in the regime of secrecy. Even employees of other departments of the company had no idea that they are preparing their colleagues under the direction of Alex Kipmana. The only exception – a few months ago, the journalists are already lucky enough to test Wired this prototype.

kipman Points MS HoloLens: towards a virtual world?

Previously, he created the famous non-contact game controller Kinect, so behind Kipmana already have a successful experience with virtual technology.

How does HoloLens?

Glasses MS HoloLens: towards a virtual world?

What are the maykrosoftovskih smart glasses, codenamed Project Baraboo? The basic idea of the gadget – a combination of real world and virtual objects selected – “holograms,” as they are called authors. This is the main difference from, say, the helmet Oculus Rift, which is building a completely different reality. Holograms appear right before the user points, they can get around, reduced-increase-stretch. Special stereo sound makes realistic relative location of the object. That is, if you behind the virtual display with a football match – the sounds you hear it behind him.

You can communicate with the virtual interlocutor on Skype, you can watch the recipes in the air in the middle of the kitchen. Outwardly resemble ski goggles, they are more massive than Google Glass, but not as bulky as the Oculus Rift.

The gadget is equipped with an Holographic Processing Unit (HPU), multiple cameras with a viewing angle of 120 degrees, video accelerator, a sound system and 18 sensors, some of which even determine where the user is looking (for the construction of a corresponding image). Right placed volume control buttons and contrast virtual objects on top of the lens – audio speakers. Authors trends are convinced that the future belongs to such devices, but not for traditional computers with mouse and keyboard. HoloLens controlled by voice commands and gestures.

Glasses MS HoloLens: towards a virtual world?

But still – how is a three-dimensional image of the hologram? Over this three-layer lenses are two points, wherein each layer of different color (red, blue and green), and has a lot of tiny cells. In these cells a complex process occurs refraction of light rays, whereby the human eye sees the virtual object.

Will virtual images with glasses such quality, as if in a fantasy genre, or as promotional photo from Microsoft? This is known only to those who are lucky enough to wear them.

Glasses MS HoloLens: towards a virtual world?

If indeed virtual glasses from Microsoft so perfect, as we show in the presentation and video, then they can expect unprecedented success and opportunities.

Just think. The surgeon during the operation can immediately check with X-rays, which “floats” in the air directly above the patient. Immediately engineers easily magicians collecting mechanisms of any difficulties using the 3D-tips and schemes. And the designers and all the vast open space for creativity that can immediately visualize the client and by points. All these miracles are happening with the new technology Microsoft Holographic, which is integrated in Windows 10.

Developers and gamers perceived novelty with great enthusiasm. It is not hard to guess that the toys get more realistic, more levels of complexity, as a whole will become more interesting. Interaction with the game makers HoloLens can be beneficial to both parties. According to The Verge, by playing Minecraft and her new lovers can become a mega-popular at least in this segment. Play can be, expanding virtual blocks right on the couch or on the floor. And then do not have to get out – a virtual mess.

And one can open the door to virtual points – the film industry. 3D-films have long been commonplace for us. With the help of augmented reality glasses viewer can feel part of the action that takes place in the film. For Oculus Rift created 5-minute film “Lost” and showed him at the annual Sundance Film Festival in Park City in the US. The viewer can not affect the main course of events tape, but in a state of, for example, to drive away the fireflies flying by hand – they react to his movement.

If the creators of MS HoloLens be able to convince the public that it is a necessary thing – for her open attractive prospects, and in the first place – in the entertainment industry. By the way, have fun with the Oculus Rift is quite real. The point where for a small fee, you can experience the charm of virtual reality, exist even in Kiev shopping and entertainment centers.

The reaction to the Glasses

Most journalists who put on a new miracle of technology – were delighted. They say it’s science fiction, which has become a life. But some members of the press are more skeptical. For example, our colleague from Forbes magazine says that despite all the enthusiasm, it’s too cool to be true. And especially if you remember the disappointment about Google Glass.

Glasses MS HoloLens: towards a virtual world?

It is curious that with Google Glass glasses maykrosoftovskih nobody even compares. And Google, meanwhile, have invested in alternative glasses Magic Leap, but news about it until you hear it.

Skeptics argue that for such innovations is best viewed with extreme caution – then to avoid the bitter disappointments. According to them, every time some new product is presented as a giant leap into the future, but in reality it is just a tiny steps. And that’s at best. Who’s right and who’s gone too far with the level of skepticism – it will become clear only over time.

But how long it takes the path from prototype to finished product, is not yet clear. But we know that Microsoft plans to soon release HoloStudio and Holographic API – Tools for 3D-modeling and the creation of appropriate applications. Some programs, according to the company, are developing now. According to rumors, some Microsoft partners will be able to get the device for testing in the summer. The cost of future trends is also unknown. It will be interesting to compare it with the price of Google Glass ($ 1500), which became one of the causes of low demand.

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