steam world dig

SteamWorld Dig – We Need To Go Deeper!

steam world dig

About SteamWorld Dig until recently known only to the owners Nintedno 3DS – in its electronic kiosk this game was the most interesting indie project. Several questionable merit, to be honest, because the range is comparable to the Nintendo eShop half empty deli counter of our common Soviet past. Choose especially not anything so loud praise any more or less good games expected. But here’s the real test of battle – SteamWorld Dig came out on Steam.

Justifying its name, SteamWorld Dig offers digger role in the Wild West. Local surroundings (very cute, by the way) is decorated stimpankovskimi elements, and people are replaced by robots amusing. One of them – our hero. Hunter died suddenly relative wealth. Inheritance, as it turns out, is hidden somewhere in the depths of the local mines. Have to thoroughly work pickaxe.

Actually, under the ground and you’ll be spending much of their time. Town on the surface, in fact, the only shop. You hand over there found precious metals and crystals, buy supplies, replenish health and descend again into the face. I know it sounds boring, but in fact it is not.

All you dug moves saved. This means that it is necessary to dig wisely. Leave vertical shafts – it is convenient to move quickly up and down. Bypass large boulders or tactfully bring down on their head constantly encountered monsters. With the right hand selected to the traps. And so on.

Found in processed loot money, which in turn quickly go to any upgrades. Buy a pickaxe better (faster to bite into the rock), open an extra slot in your inventory (to carry a larger payload), increase lamp life … The last point, incidentally, is very important. As soon as the light goes out, we have to get out on the surface – to recharge the flashlight.

SteamWorld Dig balanced so that the pause between the improvements were not large. After a bit of a boring start, cash on hand is becoming more and your hero quickly mastered underground. It gives a pleasant feeling of progress. And in mine entrances meet regularly in a sort of mini-cave where the hidden story finds important. For example, the miracle boots steam motion (we have the same steampunk, remember?), Allowing to perform a super jump.

Here it is necessary to warn without passing these caves – no way. And they SteamWorld Dig turns of the game about the enthusiastic digger in bouncy platformer. Not downright hardcore, yet complex enough to alienate those who do not like jumping and accurate check on the reaction rate. This is the most controversial moment SteamWorld Dig. Other disadvantages – for example, a relatively small length (to the finals can be reached in 4-6 hours) relative.

And please, do not listen to anyone who draws parallels between SteamWorld Dig and Terraria. The latest initially far greater scope and freedom of action. A SteamWorld Dig in general chamber project with obvious limitations. There is no crafting, no co-op. It is simple, but intriguing story underground researchers. It is distinctive enough not to get lost among similar games – and this is its main merit.

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