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It is no secret that today very popular cloud storage. Such a method of storing files is extremely convenient, because access to their documents, you can from anywhere. Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive – dozens of services offered to users of its cloud services. Free, you can count on a few tens of gigabytes, want more – you pay. And welcome gigabytes you do not buy and rent. HDD manufacturers could not pay attention to the latest trends in file storage, so release their vision of the cloud. But, unlike many “drives” and “disk”, a cloud will remain with you forever, his work will control you, and it will be placed in your apartment. Hero of this review – NAS Seagate Central.

Seagate Central presents models with the size of the disk storage from 2 to 4 terabytes. Agree inspiring volume. Home Media Library and files fit in Seagate Central entirely. This device can share files with smartphones, tablets, computers and TVs. All that is required of you – to connect Seagate Central to the outlet and the Internet.


In the box you will find a device itself, power cable, warranty, quick start guide and power supply adapter for UK sockets. This adapter is attached in the same way as in the Seagate Wireless Plus – putting on the power supply. Seemingly set a poor but for more comfortable work and is not necessary. Quick start guide is useful to you, really useful instruction.


Looks Seagate Central, in my opinion, gorgeous. He organically fit into any modern interior, will be a good companion for your TV or monitor. On the device is located just three connectors (USB 2.0, Ethernet, Power) and a recessed button Reset. On the upper face – only the green LED, which reports the correct operation of the repository.


Another advantage of online storage on cloud services – functionality. Backing up your computer files and social networking rassharivanie everything and everywhere – are common problem for this device.

Copying materials. Seagate Central  has web interface is integrated into the “Explorer”. This will allow you to share files, not only within the local network, but also worldwide. Knowing the username and password from the network storage, which is located in Kiev, anyone from the United States, for example, can absolutely still work with all the files that are stored on it.

Create a backup. After installing Seagate Dashboard Seagate Central will create a backup of your computer. If your PC or laptop for something to happen, you can easily recover your important files and documents.

Integration with social networks. You can connect your account Facebook. This is to ensure that all the photos and videos that you share with your friends be automatically uploaded to the hard disk device.

Home medianet. Seagate Central supports DLNA, so easy to find a common language with modern TVs. In addition, the Samsung App Store application is available Seagate, which allows you to unlock the full potential of the repository.

Working with mobile devices. In the Apple AppStore, Google Play and Amazon Appstore, you can find the application Seagate Media. This program is designed to ensure that you have access to your personal “cloud” from your smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world. The good news is that working with Seagate Central can and using third-party applications.


Quick access to your files anywhere and home media network organization – basic tasks Seagate Central, and he copes with them perfectly. Seagate have managed to create a device for a wide range of people. Easy setup with which to handle even a child, a stable job and a stylish look – what else is needed to mainstream consumers? However, this device is at a disadvantage – for some unknown reason, the manufacturer decided to install an outdated USB 2.0. Depending on the amount of memory for Seagate Central you give from $ 150 to $ 230. Expensive for the hard disk, but do not forget that Seagate Central – is a network storage, which is more than fulfills spent on its purchase money.

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