HP 255 G2 review - inexpensive fun

HP 255 G2 review – inexpensive fun

HP 255 G2 review - inexpensive fun

It’s no secret that laptops from HP incredibly pleasant to use, high quality and with the price of many of them do not hit on the pocket. Laptop HP 255 G2 review will not name the device on the fan rather universal, because it is aimed at solving the simple but popular among the users problems. No, with it you will not be able to professionally handle video, build complex drawings or perform similar functions, as set here is not the most powerful processor AMD E1-2100 with integrated graphics card Radeon HD 8210. To implement these tasks better to buy a laptop with a more powerful stuffing and high-quality display.

Nevertheless, HP 255 G2 review will become your reliable assistant in the daily work simple. With it, you can sit on the Internet, read and edit text documents, play audio or video, and even play games. In short, this device does all that befits a budget laptop.

Design – HP 255 G2 review

HP 255 G2 review - inexpensive fun

Of course, expect from an inexpensive gadget aluminum cut does not make sense. However, plastic is plastic discord, because of budget models can be seen as low-quality housing material and is very durable, not inferior metal. In our case, to the plastic surface will not carp, it is well blended into the overall picture, though the only possible color – black. The surface of the lid textured, well hides minor damage, such as scratches. Middle – glossy icon «hp». In the main body HP 255 G2 review matt exterior, the only sides and rear panel – gloss. This though looks aesthetically pleasing, diluting uniformity in design, but not very practical, because the gloss collects dust and fingerprints.

HP 255 G2 review - inexpensive fun

Open the laptop HP 255 G2 review and see, again, edging the glossy screen on the upper face of which – webcam. The keyboard and large touchpad, at first glance, seem to be comfortable and practical. Side ends almost uniformly equipped with interfaces. The bottom is also matte, however, upgrade it is not particularly susceptible. Thus, removing the lid, you can access only the memory slots, but, say, the hard disk will not be able to get.

HP 255 G2 review - inexpensive fun

In general, HP 255 G2 review makes a good impression, but imperfect. The reasons are simple: quite easily soiled body, plus the likelihood of deflection from the cover. But the weight (2.5 kg) and dimensions of the gadget (see 38x26x2.8) can be attributed to its merits, because they make it easy to transport the laptop, and also make it more attractive.

Display, sound and webcam – HP 255 G2 review

Each user can choose his or traditional display or touch control. However, it is the only thing that will feature a complete set, but otherwise there is no difference. The display is 15.6 inches, resolution – 1366×768 pixels. There are anti-glare coating, which can be run on the street, but still try to avoid the sun.

HP 255 G2 review - inexpensive fun

In general, the screen can be considered groundless weakest HP 255 G2 review. Judge for yourself: TFT matrix does not provide the proper angles and the angle change of the display in one direction or another will distort colors. The pixel density is incredibly small, namely 100 ppi, whereby the screen you can see the individual pixels. Brightness, unfortunately, also not happy. Another minus – glossy bezel of the display, because it is the place most quickly gathers dust and fingerprints.

HP 255 G2 review - inexpensive fun

Acoustics laptop HP 255 G2 review also leaves much to be desired. But in order to watch movies and listen to music, potential speakers will suffice. And what more can you ask from a budget laptop? Above the display can be seen HD-eye webcam, the resolution of which do not allow the full pictures. However, it can help to video chat, such as Skype.

Keyboard and Touchpad – HP 255 G2 review

HP 255 G2 review - inexpensive fun

Appearance keyboard HP 255 G2 review is not in doubt is that the work on it will be convenient and enjoyable. Chiclet keyboard with a standard layout, buttons – square, pleasant size. The surface of the buttons – matte, Gorny, marking – white. Perhaps for someone uncomfortable turnout would block, because he has very small keys “up” and “down”, and are exactly the same functionality. Fortunately, this is easy and quick to get used to the benefit, they are not the most popular. But frequently used buttons are very comfortable, for example, single row [Enter], extended from both sides [Shift], the same long [Backspace] and [Caps Lock].

HP 255 G2 review - inexpensive fun

Keyboard Full-sized, has not done it without pad which makes operation more convenient. By the way, there is no backlight, which is surprising to many modern laptops, but at the same time – it is quite normal for the budget. Above the keyboard on the left side, there is an oblong button on the device to find it on the touch is not difficult. Incidentally, this location is slightly surprising: usually the power key can be found in the corner, and here it is closer to the center.

HP 255 G2 review - inexpensive fun

With a clear shift to the left is located sufficiently dimensional touchpad. He is slightly recessed into the work surface, and therefore feels good under the fingers. Touchpad HP 255 G2 review has two physical buttons, which copes with its responsibilities. The touchpad itself supports multi touch gestures such as dragging, zooming, and many others. He is very sensitive, responsive to the touch and provides a quick response.

Productivity – HP 255 G2 review

HP 255 G2 review (F1A01EA) on the notebook market is supplied with the operating system DOS. Also there is a variation with Windows 8 64-bit, which is ideal for use with a touch screen. As the processor in this configuration has proposed a dual-core SoC AMD E1-2100, the clock frequency of 1000 MHz. The chip is made on 28 nm process, and the level TDP of just 9 watts, making it very energy efficient. Second-level cache in the processor is 1 MB. Based on these data is easy to guess that great feats CPU is not capable. Maximum task doable for him – it’s simple office work and multimedia tasks.

The video card in the laptop HP 255 G2 review is the integrated AMD Radeon HD 8210. It is made on the 28 nm process, its operating clock frequency is 300 MHz, there is support DirectX11.1, Shader 5.0. The performance of this GPU can be compared with the Intel HD Graphics. As for the games, then with them, things are not very good: about how to run modern games are not talking at all, but you can try to play the older, preferably at low settings.

The next thing I want to mention – the memory of the laptop. In the case of this configuration has 2GB RAM standard DDR3-1600 MHz. Plank with this volume is in the same slot, you can also increase the memory up to 8 GB maximum potential. To store the information provided hard drive capacity of 500 GB and a rotational speed of 5400 rpm.

Ports and Communications – HP 255 G2 review

The laptop HP 255 G2 review has enough ports to complete the work with him. So, on the left side you can see the port USB 3.0, VGA video output and HDMI, Network RJ-45 port, headphone jack and charging for laptops, as well as a slot for a Kensington lock.

HP 255 G2 review - inexpensive fun

On the right side to put two ports USB 2.0, optical drive DVD Super Multi and two indicators: work laptop and functionality of the hard drive.

The rear facet is empty, but on the front there is a card reader 2-in-1 (SD / MMC).

HP 255 G2 review - inexpensive fun

Among wireless communications provides Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n and Bluetooth 4.0.

Battery and Heating – HP 255 G2 review

The notebook HP 255 G2 review is a 4-cell lithium-ion battery capacity of 3700mAh. In general, it is rather weak figure, given that the normal web surfing defuse device in about 4.5 hours. However, given the fact that we are dealing with a budget model, a greater harm if someone is counting. Of course, this device is far depart from the wall outlet is not recommended, otherwise there is a risk that the gadget runs out at the most inopportune moment.

Since the laptop HP 255 G2 review is not equipped with the most powerful stuffing, he specifically and not heated, at least, the temperature did not exceed the norm, even under load. And it’s definitely good.

Conclusion – HP 255 G2 review

HP HP 255 G2 review – this budget device and this, perhaps, all told. The materials involved are ordinary plastic, without any decoration. The display resolution is weak, and the matrix is ​​not IPS, and TN. The filling is sufficiently weak, provided video card cannot cope with the challenges. This means that, for example, to play modern games definitely do not succeed, except that you can try to run an already outdated version, and even then, at low settings.

Although, of course, there are pluses. For example, the keyboard is comfortable and functional, as well as the interfaces among them – all of the most popular for normal operation. Well, of course, the cost of this gadget – its trump card. Thus, the price of HP 255 G2 review is about $ 260 for a complete set forth by us.

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