GTA V: main game of 2013

Nowadays, buying almost every game – a kind of roulette. Well, when there are lots of reviews and the all clear, but sometimes you want to take a new product immediately after the release, and here there is a certain risk. Any developer and publisher can unpleasantly surprise, releasing crude or uninteresting game with gameplay. But in this ocean of instability is an island of consistency. Each of the games of this company – a small masterpiece in the world of virtual entertainment. They are to be believed, their games can buy with your eyes closed. Because it is a Rockstar.

It is not clear for what reason Grand Theft Auto series was considered a pastime for children of school age. This game has always been “adult” jokes, violence and exaggerated display of the real world. And the rating actually indicates that the audience GTA – people who have reached the age of majority. Yes, in the first parts of the gameplay rarely went beyond the “kill 40 people from a grenade launcher for 1 minute.” Apparently, this is what formed the stable error, which can prevent a great familiarity with the show.

And it is a serious innovation at first you do not see. Main – the possibility and necessity of the game for three characters. Initially, the system raises many questions, but now we can say that it worked perfectly. We have before us three characters, which seemed to me to have been chosen by chance. The first – a retired burglar Michael, who had a family and a decent small house in Los Santos, but is not able to deter aggression and to live in a calm state incapable. He’s one of the heroes of the “new wave”, wears a suit and drives a decent car. The second – a black Franklin, as if descended from the screen, for which we were playing GTA: San Andreas. At first it seems a typical homie, but then his character takes on the contours and appears sympathy, because Franklin was smart and sensible. Third – Trevor takes us back into the past with all those “kill 30 redneck …” – deranged lunatic from the category of those who do not want to meet on the street. Three of the world and three different approaches are summarized in a single plot, and the heroes must somehow put up with each other in order to survive in modern-day Los Santos.

Commotion started after Michael makes a mistake that could cost him his life. Or a lot of money, which he does not. The only way to get a large amount in a short time – back to the old way. All attempts to start a new life are dust, contact with the therapist terminated, and each new character in the family it looks like the enemy. And the kids are growing like something is wrong, and the wife tries to spin another affair with a tennis coach.

At Franklin never seen any prospects in life. He lives with his aunt, is not working and is friends with thugs, intelligence level is significantly below it. The best “sidekick” Lamar claims for a role in the new film in the series “Dumb and Dumber”, the rest indulge dope and constantly require assistance, which he does not deny. Meeting with Michael for Franklin – an important point in life, that you had to catch.

Trevor after a failed robbery 10 years ago has become a typical Redneck, living in the north of Los Santos. Motorcyclists of The Lost, redneck, Chinese, Mexicans and sellers of drugs – all for him are enemies. It is engaged in manufacturing drugs and does not tolerate not only competition, but also people in general. A chance meeting can turn into a bloodbath, the reason Trevor, in most cases, is not necessary. The only thing that interests him – turned out to be a live one, which he believed killed in the same ill-fated case 10 years ago.

Switching between characters depending on the situation. In some story missions it can be prevented or, on the contrary, it is imperative for the rest – total freedom. And even in this uncomplicated process Rockstar have managed to do more than you need to – we do not simply switch and see the character standing. Michael can sit and watch TV, catch Franklin coming out of the taxi, and Trevor wakes up on the shore covered in blood with a bunch of dead bodies nearby. Little thing that adds atmospherics, and this – the most important part of the GTA.

The characters appeared pumpable capacity – an interesting but controversial innovation. The pilot-clumsy constantly wagging the plane, and a good driver does a better job with the car. The same goes for running, diving and shooting. Ways to improve a little bit – you have to drive, shoot and dive. But beyond that, there are spetsvozmozhnosti unique to each character. Michael decimated by Max Payne, and can slow down time in the shootout, giving him the ability to quickly solve the problem with a few dangerous opponents. Franklin does the same thing when driving a car – Flash plug or turn cease to be a problem when you’re in the jelly to squeeze between the cars in the stream. Trevor, as befits a psychotic killer, is able to slow down during the time to improve their resistance to damage, and deal critical damage to an enemy when hit by firearms.
In the course of the story will be added special major missions – the robbery of a new type for the GTA. They are complex and require the preparation of transport, effects and equipment. At the beginning of the brain of a criminal group Leicester offers a choice of two approaches to the robbery, of which the player chooses the most suitable. Further actions will depend on the plan chosen, and for the performance of a team of mercenaries recruited more having their abilities and skills. A good driver is certainly better than a bad, but its share will be larger, so have to choose carefully. For example, if you are planning a “quiet” operation, then the arrow can be saved, and vice versa.

The city itself – a virtual imprint of our world with its current problems and fashion trends. Once all this is turned inside out and colored with different colors. Politicians, entertainers and TV stars necessarily drug addicts or mobsters. Drop tolerance – here for the fun of it, or an adverse impact. In the square you can find an agitator for the legalization of marijuana, which each hero manages to cram a terrible mix, causing horrific hallucinations (hello, Saints Row), a mayoral candidate in the advertisement on the radio says that it is better to choose an open wretch like him than those who hides his true self. There is even a social network LifeInvader with overt allusions to Facebook. Be sure to listen to the voice of the owner and visit the office – the realm of hipsters, slackers who complain about deadlines, but play games, rest on padded stools and watching porn on company computers.

On the streets became more lively and pleasant, pedestrians take an active part in the events, getting smart phones and photographing the accident or gunfight. Hitting a car with a Mexican in his area, be prepared for the fact that he cheerfully jump out and start shooting at the car was leaving, and if you dare to join him in a fistfight – catch up with friends of the victim. The police are constantly pursuing someone and you can get away from the cases and follow them – in the end is sure to be an interesting exchange of fire, where there is possible and very fotobloggerom work. From the police itself, by the way, it is much easier to go – now a large number of stars does not require painting a car – in any case you can hide in any court, and wait it out.

By the way, the camera has disappeared from the props characters that can also be considered an interesting feature. In missions where you need to work at first paparazzi frantically push buttons, trying to find among the masses of pistols and submachine reflex, and then remember that you have a smartphone with a camera. In his spare time to do the photography for the soul – a service Social Club allows you to save the game right out of the small copies of pictures by your own, it is a real page. The creators of the service should be a monument – a very convenient and functional, you can look at photos of friends or just keep track of popular or recently added photos. Persists even geotags, which is easy to identify the place where he was shot or that shot. Awesome.
A separate group is working on filling a virtual internet. Running the browser on the same smartphone, you can long gap for the story by reading through tears descriptions in online stores or news. A special moment – the exchange. Innovation are the fifth of the shares of companies that are present in the game. Stock market speculation armed person can earn a lot of money, especially as he prepares to kill the head of a company and knows the name of the competitor. But Rockstar went ahead and implemented the two exchanges – one works in the framework of the plot, and the oscillations of the shares to another is dependent on the actions of all players online. In theory, the agreement by a group of people can influence the course, taking advantage of their change for their own enrichment. interesting things have been taken from the last hit Rockstar – Red Dead Redemption. Random events occur on the road all the time – someone stole the bike or pull the purse, somewhere a woman asks for help, and here around the corner smoking a security van guards. You can intrude on or drive on, but do not forget that Rockstar did not happen just like that. series has always been famous for the fact that in addition to the story and side missions there was always something to do. Alas, bowling from the fourth part disappeared, but there was tennis, weird yoga classes and a variety of extreme sports. Skydiving, mountain bikes and racing motorcycles acquired a special flavor because of the mountainous terrain. Some unimaginable efforts Rockstar managed to squeeze out of the current generation of consoles last juice to showcase beautiful sunsets and views of the city at night. Walking down the mountain on a motorcycle looks so natural, that quickens the heartbeat. Stop periodically to capture scenery and post it here in the Social Club. Bravo, Rockstar. of the plot and the passage of side missions – not the end of the game. From October 1 start GTA Online – a multiplayer mode, which is produced by all owners of the game for free. Given that I myself until recently, actively playing on one of the servers rolepleynogo GTA: San Andreas, which was released (just think!) Almost 10 years ago, the life cycle of GTA V can be just as long.

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