Review of smartphone Gigabyte Gsmart Sierra S1

More on the exhibition Computex 2013 , Gigabyte showed a new line of smart phones, including smartphones was presented and the hero of this review – Gigabyte Gsmart Sierra S1 . This smartphone is based on the CPU MediaTek MT6589T c 1 GB of RAM, IPS display has a diagonal of 5 inches and a resolution of 1280×720 pixels, as well as the main camera with a resolution of 13 MP.

Scope of delivery

In addition to the smartphone user will find in the box AC charger, USB-cable, headset and various documents. The box in which the device is made qualitatively. After its discovery you will be pleased with the fact that the smartphone is surrounded by foam cushions on all sides, indicating that caring for the device by the manufacturer. and ergonomics

Many times we have heard and seen directly, as Chinese manufacturers almost completely copied the design of smart phones known manufacturers. That’s my smartphone Sierra S1 is very similar to a well-known iPhone 4s in white body, but increased somewhat in size. On this idea tempting location of the speakers, rear camera, and the location of the camera button on the site of the key switch modes.

Dimensions smartphone unpleasantly surprised, especially the length of 145 mm, which is a lot like a smartphone with a five-inch screen, and the width is 72.5 mm too big, but pleasantly pleased thickness – 8.9 mm very good indicator. Smartphone weighs 168 grams, which is quite a lot. Comfortable to use with one hand can not all.

Regarding the location of the keys and interfaces, at the top of the front panel is a front-facing camera, voice speaker, light sensor and proximity. Located at the bottom of the front panel microphone and touch function keys with backlight. Along the perimeter of the housing encloses silver rim that is similar in appearance to the metal, but is made of plastic. At the ends of the smartphone is microUSB and 3.5mm (top), the lattice dynamics of the media and another grille (below), the volume rocker, power button, and an indentation to remove the cover (right) and the camera activation key (on the left). On the back cover is a camera lens, flash, and the manufacturer’s logo. By the way, the back cover is securely locked. It is made of thin plastic with a textured aluminum, through which fingerprints on it are not visible. Under the hood is located two slots for SIM-cards and a slot for memory cards microSD.

In terms of ergonomics is both pleasant and not very moments. All mechanical keys have one feature that they are very recessed into the body, which has a negative impact on the use of smart phone “blindly”. Key to activate the camera starts it only when the device is unlocked, and indeed it is located in an inconvenient place. Therefore, the device should be kept upside down, as in this embodiment, the camera is at the bottom, in which is easy to overlap with a hand held phone. Another key has a tight course and does not have a shutter for pre-focusing. Because this key is in most cases will be useless. If, for location from above microUSB can be used, then looking at the pseudo lattice multimedia speakers, you enter into a stupor. Since it is not clear why it is here, except for the sake of symmetry and pseudo iPhone-style. Highlighting hardware touch keys are not uniform, and does not look very pretty. The benefit can turn it off. positive aspect of ergonomics, first of all, it was the location of the multimedia speaker that not only are vociferous, so more and in most cases will not be covered. The second positive point is the location of the power button on the right side of the face.

The operating system and shell

Smartphone running the operating system Android 4.2.1, and that is very good, has a standard envelope. In general I am very pleased that the majority is not well-known manufacturers use the “net» Android, probably due to this fact, even in smart phones with a small amount of memory is no problem with its lack.

Another right step on the part of the manufacturer has a small amount of pre-installed applications. Among the applications, it is worth noting the large number of applications from Google. The surprise was to see the official device having such programs as: Play Magazines, Play Books and Play Movies. These services are not available to Ukrainians, as you will be informed when the application runs on a smartphone. A very interesting application that will OOBE, which in a few points will help you quickly configure the basic functions of a smartphone. Do not stint on the manufacturer and the presence of the keyboard, which has acted as TouchPal-keyboard. It has a large number of options and the possibility of replacing the cover, there is a spell checker, errata, and the technology TouchPal Curve, which is a symbiosis swipe and predictive input.

Hardware Platform

The smartphone is based on the popular SoC MT6589T from the company MediaTek. Capabilities of this solution is sufficient for most tasks. SoC MT6589T – a variation of the MT6589, which raised the clock speed of the processor from 1.2 GHz to 1.5 GHz. The chipset includes a quad-core Cortex-A7, graphics accelerator PowerVR SGX544 MP, and 1 GB of RAM. The amount of internal storage is 4 GB, of which the user can use a little less than 1 GB. Under normal conditions of free RAM 450 MB, which is pretty good.

Playing a Video

I think that a lot of people would agree that is not always the number of processor cores and make the smooth operation of the interface in this context does not disappoint Sierra S1, it has a smooth and fast interface. With the launch of heavy modern games device does well. Riptide GP2 and Real Racing 3 show a comfortable amount of fps, even at the highest settings, and Asphalt 8 – at low settings. If we talk about the speed of launching applications, it is very good. Applications launched quickly, and did not fly out of memory.

The volume and sound quality of the speakers is decent. Microphone good speech, but there is no noise reduction features. Complete the headphones are not pleased with the sound quality. The important point is that not all headsets are suitable for this smartphone. Even the headset adapted to the Android device, so if you decide to replace a full-time headset for something better, I recommend you check the availability and quality of sound. In my case, the sound quality was good only when you pressed the call on the headset. Otherwise, there is an echo effect. When you connect headphones sound is transmitted without distortion.

The smartphone supports two SIM-cards, but it has one radio module, which makes it impossible to accept a call to a second SIM-card while talking on the first one. Phonebook, messages and call logs are standard. There is a standard menu Association SIM-cards.

Like most modern smartphones Gigabyte Gsmart Sierra S1 is heated during heavy loads, such as three-dimensional game. Heating is not great and there near the camera on the back side of the case.

Data transmission on the WiFi-network is fast and breaks the connection has not been noticed. Working with GPS on devices with a chipset from MediaTek has always been a lot of questions. So this smartphone is no exception. During cold starts, compared with chipsets from Qualcomm satellites are searched long enough.

In terms of autonomy Sierra S1 was not surprised, because it contains the battery pack of 2000 mAh and despite the fact that the display has a diagonal of 5 inches and IPS matrix with HD resolution. In the mean load smartphone is capable to hold the daylight hours. As for such a thin device is the average. Below you can see the results, and see the next opponents on the basis of screen diagonal. listen to the music we used a standard player, the volume on the value of 12 out of 15, the MP3 files with a bitrate of 320 kbit / s. In the read mode disables all wireless communications, including data transmission in a mobile network, and the display brightness set to 50%. When playing a video display brightness set to 50%, the volume level on level 12 of a possible 15. A video file format MKV, resolution 1024h448 points, frame 25. When playing video from Youtube display brightness set to 50%, the volume level at 12 out of 15 possible levels.

Display and Camera

More and more smart phones are entering the market are equipped with high-quality displays. That test Sierra S1 is no exception. The screen is a 5-inch HD resolution looks good, though somewhat faded in the sun. Individual pixels are not visible to the naked eye. There is automatic brightness sensor that works correctly, it changes the brightness smoothly and on time. The screen supports multi-touch and recognizes up to five simultaneous key presses. The sensitivity of the sensor is excellent. The smartphone has an air gap. Minimum brightness – 41 cd/m2, the average -178 cd/m2, maximum – 347 cd/m2. The display deserves a good rating. Gamma curve is linear and relatively close to the value 2.2 – this means that the dark and light colors displayed correctly. The color gamut is only slightly wider s RGB. Chart color temperature confirms the subjective impression of a little more than cool colors.

The smartphone is equipped with two cameras at 13MP and 2MP. Calling the camera can, is, as the menu and pressing the camera key, which I spoke earlier.

The menu interface is standard camera with the exception of settings where you can adjust the sharpness, hue, saturation, brightness and contrast. These settings greatly affect the final result. It is also worth noting the presence of the regime HDR, however, it seemed to me, it does not work in the best way and only adds a bit of shadow detail. In low light conditions the camera noticeably blurs images.

Video recording is in 720p, there is video stabilization and auto focus.
Subjectively, the quality of photos and video are good.

The results

Smartphone Gigabyte Gsmart Sierra S1 – a typical representative of modern Chinese smartphones.

High-quality large display and assembly, camera, support for two SIM-cards – its main advantages. Short battery life, size and weight – something with which will have to be reconciled.


+ Build Quality
+ Camera
+ Android 4.2.1
+ Screen
+ Hardware Platform
+ Support for two SIM-cards

Do not like it

– Design
– Small battery life
– Uneven illumination hardware softkeys

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