Cyanogen takes modern and new Android to Google

Cyanogen takes modern and new Android to Google

Cyanogen takes modern and new Android to Google

Very bold statement made a few days ago the company Cyanogen. Authors eponymous fashion going to get rid Android mobile platform from the influence of the Internet giant.

Said – is not a figure of speech. A word Kirt McMaster, head of the organization. At a conference, he said that it was time to take the operating system from Google.

Why? To make the system open. Now programmers are extremely limited. The Corporation does not allow you to create complex software projects embody truly revolutionary.

A striking example: the service Google Now. It’s a great solution leverages deep integration capabilities with Android (at the level of basic components).

But whether independent developers to repeat something like that? No. They do not have the same access to the OS. Anything that threatens branded services – is prohibited. A promising start-ups purchased (to close).

It is impossible to convey the opening to the public when there are so many obstacles. Moreover, artificial.

The new mission Cyanogen – release their assembly Android, completely devoid of control by the founders. No firmware as of now, a full-fledged “fork”. With its own app store and so on.

Cyanogen takes modern and new Android to Google

An alternative version of “untie” the hands of enthusiasts. Give a chance to realize the most daring – even crazy – ideas. Come up with a real AI, for example.

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