Notebook Dell XPS 13 review

Notebook Dell XPS 13 review

The long battle between the fans of OS X and Windows does not stop for a second. The first constant appeal to the lovely but expensive (this one does not argue) devices, and the second tearing their hair out and talk about the very limited choice in the world of Apple.

Both camps have their undeniable proof of why you need to adhere to a particular ecosystem. But in 2015, it appears in the Windows fans the argument against which to say it does not work – it is a new laptop Dell XPS 13 review 2015. On paper, of course, argue there is nothing, as their “perfect” computer “merge” on all fronts. But are all as good as it looks in the photos and how to assert that marketers?


Modifications of this unusual notebook are not very much, but choose a few. To reach us with a touch screen version of the resolution 3200h1800 pixels processor Intel Core i7-5500U (2,4 GHz), 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB SSD. The numbers, of course, decent, but if you look at the cost of the equipment, the price tag is far more impressive than the performance. From here, too, filling the rest is more or less typical of the class.

Notebook Dell XPS 13 review

At the Dell XPS 13 review, there are simpler equipment: Intel Core i5-5200U (2,2 GHz), 4 GB RAM, 128 GB SSD and a non-touch screen display with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. The simplest (and cheapest) version with the Core i3 to us for some reason decided not to deliver. Apparently, too cheap it turned out, in the local markets is not buying.

It can be long and tedious to list the features of work used in the Dell XPS 13 review processor power consumption (this follows from the notation «U» in marks), or choosing a Samsung PM851 as the SSD, but as of now we are not talking about a gaming laptop, but about the ultra compact a decision that created not for bragging rights in the results of the Benchmarks, let us confine ourselves to saying everything works. We have in our hands a laptop that easily crosses the mark of $ 1,000, which is still needed Bench brand?

I want to immediately make a reservation, that this laptop (like most others, especially with the 13-inch screen) is not designed for gaming, although “time-tested” and most demanding projects cope fine. Do not expect that Mafia 3 at the highest settings here will fly (when released), but I do not think that gaming devices aimed at people will choose this gadget.

Appearance Dell XPS 13 review

The most impressive moment in this notebook is the stage where you just open the box – knowing what’s waiting for you 13-inch laptop, it seems that you cheated. Can not a gadget with a screen size to get into this tiny box! But opening it, you know – that’s what I paid for that kind of money.

Before opening the gadget, let’s go through his appearance. The first thing we see – an aluminum cover of the unit on which the logo of the manufacturer of glossy plastic. Cover this quite easily soiled, but not stronger than aluminum, any other device. At the touch of exactly this material gives a feeling of security. Aluminum can be found at the bottom of the laptop, where the rubber bumpers, legs and blowing hot air zone.

Notebook Dell XPS 13 review

As with the faces (rubberized, for a moment)? On the left is a connector for connecting the power cable, Mini DisplayPort, full sized USB 3.0 port and a combined headphone and microphone jacks (3.5 mm). Also, there is a battery status indicator and speaker. On the right, we find the second speaker, a key port for Kensington, another USB and card reader. This hole in the usefulness of a laptop to an end.

Opening the laptop Dell XPS 13 review, spend a few minutes looking at its screen. But we’ll discuss this later, but let’s say that the width of its scope from three sides is only 5.2 mm! But what else do we see here, it’s a keyboard with full sized keys, a touchpad (which we will discuss later, too) and carbon with soft-touch finish to coat the bottom half of the notebook.

The choice of carbon fiber, it seems to me on the long experience of using all-aluminum Mac, plus an additional device. If the palms are sweating slightly, the hand does not slip on the surface, and this material is pleasant tactile aluminum, not speaking about the first effect of perception, but of service. Boredom black disperses well-marked weave carbon fiber.

Assembling the Dell XPS 13 review does not cause any problems: all the elements fit perfectly, no annoying gaps anywhere or loose parts. By the way, the combination of silver aluminum and black elements it looks good for this account. MacBook cool look not so much because of the metal, but because Unibody-body. In the case of the Dell XPS 13, of course, no question of a single piece of material is not, but a perfect fit parts negates this advantage a laptop from Apple.

Screen – Dell XPS 13 review

Okay, enough of the lyrics! The most important element of the Dell XPS 13 review – is its screen. Let’s start with the most interesting: its “frameless”. If we put aside all conventions, is to be named “frameless” it is safe. Yes, the field in polls anti metre is, they are visible. But we notice them only because they are spoiled by modern smartphones. In the case of laptops, given the area of the 13-inch display, they are no more, and against the backdrop of competitive solutions, they can simply be ignored (but the stock to “more frameless” laptop from Dell is).

Notebook Dell XPS 13 review

About the display itself to say something bad will not work: there is excellent color reproduction, as well as its contrast. Initially the screen much “cold”, but after a little tweaking parameters color everything was just fine. Perhaps the only complaint I can think of is how the lighting of pixels: in assessing the viewing angle luminance significantly drop in distant parts of the screen. The image quality is not affected, and it is a critical angle close to 140 degrees – this defect was not detected during the operation, namely in “dry” evaluation.

But the sunscreen is much glare. The maximum brightness is, of course, helps to partially compensate for this deficiency, but additional anti-reflection coating to such a compact device, which is everywhere and want to carry, would not hurt.

By the way, the default Dell XPS 13 review is exposed zooming interface 250% (not surprising, given its permission). I “moved” at the option of 200%, as used to work with a small interface. But to use the native resolution (pixels 3200h1800) simply will not work – the letters are simply unreadable, and controls themselves are about the size of one pixel. Why use a much greater pixel density, absolutely incomprehensible to me personally.

The screen then touch and that too is beyond my comprehension. Dell XPS 13 review is a classic representative of the class of laptops: the display is detachable from the keyboard, sophisticated design for turning the screen into a tablet format here, too, is not provided. Interface ModernUI, of course, is much more convenient to use in touch mode, but why should it go to a traditional laptop at all? Yet because of this manufacturer had to make a very stiff joints – open the laptop with one hand it is impossible in principle. In addition, fingerprints spoil the impression of a very good screen. It is better to use proven keyboard and touchpad.

The keyboard, touchpad – Dell XPS 13 review

Against the background of the thin side and upper frames display a sharp dissonance is much lower field below the screen that looks like a vestige, but its height is not due to a lag in technology and elementary ergonomics: so engineers were able to increase the area of housing, and instead of a full sized keyboard and wide enough , although low touchpad, and, in general, make convenient layout of all controls. Venues on the sides of the touchpad to where the palms, then you can call conventionally comfortable – my hands are medium sized and comfortable accommodation provides no reserve places for hands. Just on the edge, but still comfortable.

Despite its compact body, managed to equip the Dell laptop and keyboard unit with the standard letter keys. For this, it was necessary to sacrifice a little extreme length of the left and right rows, but the usability of such a decision had no effect. Typing on a laptop comfortable buttons themselves are fixed firmly in place, do not hang out and do not rattle when shaking. Their progress through the use of traditional construction is a standard that is fine because the user does not have to get used to. Moreover, the Dell XPS 13 review will likely act as a mobile station and the user’s environment will certainly be a computer with a traditional keyboard, so switching from one gadget to another will not cause discomfort.

But the touchpad, despite its decent size and soft-touch coating is a mixed feeling. Case In Windows – scroll sensitivity is markedly different from application to application, and with gestures everything is not as good as that of a rival operating system. Even in the “native» Microsoft Edge and “Explorer” no identity in the behavior. But here it is convenient to control the cursor. Perhaps the touchpad lacks height – finger often rests on the brink, but it costs a compact housing.

Dimensions – Dell XPS 13 review

This notebook is personally my delights because of its size. To be clear, I’m talking about, look at the wonderful pictures as long as the Dell XPS 13 review is less than or larger than its famous competitors:

It is the smallest 13-inch laptop that I have ever seen. The effect is incredible. After two days of work for him, I opened a 15-inch laptop and felt like both desk is top. For small size Dell XPS 13 review you get used instantly.

But what about the weight and thickness? I do not know why suddenly all manufacturers have decided to begin to fight for the most subtle laptops body, as for me, all the decisions up to 2 cm have a right to life and may well be called compact. In the case of the Dell XPS 13 review we have the usual triangular cross-section of 9 mm at the thinnest point, and up to 15 mm at the site of attachment to the body of the display. This thickness does not cause any discomfort during the operation and contrive the deployment battery engineers did not have to.

The weight of the laptop is 1.26 kg, which in my mind is on the level of comfort. Frankly, I would gladly give preference to more lightweight devices, but with the Dell XPS 13 review we get a great 13-inch screen, powerful processor, and adequate autonomy. So – a relatively large mass – is a necessary measure. Incidentally, a version with a non-touch screen a little easier (1.18 kg), and the battery life she should be increased because of the display with a resolution of Full HD.


In the “typewriter” (LibreOffice, a couple of pages in the browser, included three messenger) laptop runs at an average of about 6.5 hours. If you run resource-intensive programs (graphics, simple video editor or something comparable), we get 3-3.5 hours autonomy. Not a bad result, considering the compact size of Dell XPS 13 review.

Watching movies on the road here is not forbidden – I have a laptop lived 5.5 hours at a luminance level of 70% and 30% of the volume (regular speakers are very loud), incorporated Wi-Fi and Telegram in the background. I watched the video itself in the resolution of Full HD, Playback is through the regular player. I think that with such results Dell XPS 13 can easily take on the road.

The dynamics of the discharge in sleep mode for a short period of testing is difficult to assess, but at night sleep with a Windows 10 laptop lost 2% battery power (consider the energy cost of recovery from sleep mode). This is a very good result, so I have not much worried about the battery level after the laptop will lie in this state three or four days.

Gently remind you that in our area the most simple configuration of Dell XPS 13 review is not officially sold, and affordable model in the minimum configuration above the estimated $ 1,000. And it is this price tag made me expect something more when it touched parts.

Remember when I talked about a great assembly and different materials? All of this is still there. But you see, as there are fixed screws! Really it was impossible to make a recess in the housing coincident with the size of the screw head?

Laptop keyboard is pleasant to work, there is a built-in backlight key (and let each manufacturer will receive from me a virtual slap for notebooks without it) with two levels of brightness. Why not make a customizable level of brightness? It’s just a lamp!

I also did not like the transparency of themselves notation keys: When working in darkness with a faint illumination of the screen when the light from the display almost gets on the keyboard, we must save the glitters. In fact, we do not look at the keyboard exactly perpendicular, and therefore out of the keys (they are slightly raised above the ground, as in other laptops) emanates an aura of light, so strong that I have to strain your eyes in an attempt to see the button – the letters almost are seen as they shine much weaker.

The latest claim to the keyboard I will be applying Cyrillic characters. With the arrangement of the layout and everything is fine. But why it was impossible to put the letters in the same font as the English?

Notebook Dell XPS 13 review

I was also concerned about the question of why in the Dell XPS 13 review uses Mini DisplayPort, instead of Thunderbolt? The laptop is not cheap, and therefore not the most popular, but it is currently interchangeable and much more advanced standard and can be applied. Moreover, this notebook is a compact, yet powerful enough to satisfy the needs of most users as a home PC. Only the hub should be connected, of which there is a wide range of Thunderbolt. Here are a couple of examples that can be connected to the notebook with a single cable (I use Belkin, if that):

But not all as bad as it might seem on the last three paragraphs. The Dell did not have to drop some useful detail and integrated into the housing indicator of battery discharge on the side of the face. You press the button and tight on the number of light bulbs you know how things are going. The laptop while it is not necessary to include.

Of course, the way to save a few tens of seconds – even more so elegant – allows the notebook to work out a price in the eyes of the consumer. And the panel (in the best sense of the word) the bottom of the laptop, which is hidden under the device information, I can only be happy. The famous attention to detail!

Generally, it designs in the Dell XPS 13 review is positioned with its top-end segment of gadgets, where engineers “bother” of any, even the most insignificant occasion. The only exception is the location of the front camera – in the lower left corner. The fact that the source of this angle does not see my face is normal, but more looking at the chin. One lady, try out the web camera in this gadget was dissatisfied with “the increase in the noise” in the picture, although I did not notice it, to be perfectly honest. But the word women in matters of its appearance, as you know, is crucial, so I did not argue.

Findings – Dell XPS 13 review

Mighty is a laptop Dell XPS 13 review with an excellent full-size keyboard, touchpad, and good excellent display. There is everything you could wish for from a compact notebook: the minimum size and weight, a decent, though not the best in its class autonomy, good performance (not your browser + typewriter, as is the case with the devices on the Intel Core M).

Notebook Dell XPS 13 review

There are an apparatus and wow-effect that creates almost no frame around the display. In the picture (if qualitative) just failed, and a very high resolution makes viewing photos in an act of admirable talent as a photographer, as well as by the Dell XPS 13 review.

Yes, the notebook has a number of minor flaws, which can draw attention, but they are not essential if you do not think, just enjoy the main advantages of the device.

Frames Dell XPS 13 review and MacBook Pro Retina 15″: not just noticeable difference – it is huge

With this gadget in the personal technology park, you can even mock “Yabloko”. Yes, Dell designers is not as attentive to detail as Johnny Ive in his white room in Cupertino and on the autonomy of the laptop with a display resolution pixels 3200h1800 clearly losing MacBook Pro Retina 13 (the closest competitor to the world of Apple). But Dell XPS 13 considerably smaller, almost 20% lighter, and its “frameless” display adds to the feeling that you possess a laptop from the future.

Needless to Dell XPS 13 review for money? Yes, especially in the simplest configuration, which will work even longer (due to the lower resolution display, and not such a powerful processor). Did I buy it myself? No, I’m not ready to get back on Windows, despite the fact that “ten” I liked it. But looking round this gadget, I understand that this is what would have to look like a series of flagship MacBook Pro Retina in 2015, only in aluminum housing and with the same Apple’s attention to detail.

Source: Dellengadget

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