Impression ImSMART C471 - the best smartphone reviews 2014

Impression ImSMART C471 – the best smartphone reviews 2014 for 150$?

Impression ImSMART C471 - the best smartphone reviews 2014

Recently, we have more and more attention is paid to the budget segment of smartphone reviews 2014. You can always observe the flagships, but the lion’s share of sales are just government employees with the price up to 150$. Such a theme is particularly relevant in a simple horse dollar and, therefore, a significant rise in price of popular models. We decided to select a few current models of smartphones in this category, and compare what they can do. In this study, we unexpectedly identified the absolute leader who was able to win our sympathy.

Lyrics – smartphone reviews 2014

Smartphone reviews 2014 Impression ImSMART C471 still at a recent company presentation pleasantly surprised us his extraordinary appearance and features. On the second week of our acquaintance with the new smartofnom my head visited an interesting idea, which has turned my perception of the world of electronics and people interact with gadgets in general.

Impression ImSMART C471 - the best smartphone reviews 2014

As the author, most of the time I spend with the devices of medium and high price categories and I feel like this:

Here you take a smartphone reviews 2014 and by default you expect from a smooth scrolling desktops brisk in games and juicy, saturated color images. Cavils to expensive devices mainly concern the quality of the assembly chamber and immature software. But there are smarfony budget segment, so what’s going on with them?

Impression ImSMART C471 - the best smartphone reviews 2014

Back in the present, and throwing a smartphone reviews 2014 from one hand to the other, I realized that for these same two weeks I have almost no questions on the quality of the Impression ImSMART C471. It seems to be a cheap smartphone reviews 2014, and the desire to throw it out and buy an iPhone does not arise. Disorder. Arriving home, I sat down to see what other interesting patterns can be found among the public sector, and you know, found as many as four pieces. In the meantime, start with our hero, nominated for the championship.

Packaging and equipment Impression ImSMART C471

Impression ImSMART C471 - the best smartphone reviews 2014

Grade smartphone reviews 2014 Impression traditionally good. At the time, we were pleasantly surprised by the presence of USB-OTG cable supplied one of the company’s tablet. In our case, we have a classic set of headsets in the format of the droplets with a microphone and a pin, USB-cable, power charger and paper instructions.

Design and Ergonomics Impression ImSMART C471

Impression ImSMART C471 smartphone reviews 2014 does not look dull and inconspicuous low cost device. As I mentioned in a report from a recent presentation , the back cover device tends to overflow changing colors. The effect is similar to that of the smartphone Google Nexus 4 – a mosaic of small cubes of relief not only gives the appearance of the smartphone new shades, but also absolutely does not collect fingerprints and is quite resistant to scratches.

Impression ImSMART C471 - the best smartphone reviews 2014

At least, that any damage to a couple of weeks of operation I could not. Mosaic elements are also present on the front of the phone in the touch button controls. The control elements on the body of a classic. Above the screen we are greeted by proximity sensors, light and eye megapixel front camera.

Impression ImSMART C471 - the best smartphone reviews 2014

On the right side – the power button / lock. On the left side are buttons for volume control. On the top – microUSB-socket and 3.5 mm jack.

Impression ImSMART C471 - the best smartphone reviews 2014

Against the background of the small thickness of the smartphone reviews 2014 camera lens sticks out quite noticeably. Design smartphone reviews 2014 Impression ImSMART C471 folding. Under the hood you can find a removable battery and slots for two SIM-cards and memory cards. Sims live in the combined connector designed for a single card, and a full size one size micro.

Impression ImSMART C471 - the best smartphone reviews 2014

Speaking of build quality, it should be noted a little “walk” the lock button. The volume buttons at the same time secured well. Diagonal smartphone allows you to comfortably use it with one hand. Available on the market model in black and white colors.

Impression ImSMART C471 - the best smartphone reviews 2014

As a bonus, I suggest to compare the sizes of our hero to other smartphones – Sony Xperia z1 Compact , Sony Xperia Ray, Prestigio MULTIPHONE DUO 8500 .

Display Impression ImSMART C471

Screen size smartphone reviews 2014 Impression ImSMART C471 is 4.7 inches. Matrix is ​​made by technology IPS, resolution – 1280 × 720 pixels, pixel density – 312 ppi. Excellent indicator for a budget smartphone reviews 2014.

Viewing angles are excellent, color inversion is observed. But with a little brightness namudrili – automatically adjusts the sensor is always higher values ​​than the optimum for a particular situation. It helps very bright light, but annoying in a room. Most of the time I used the minimum value of this parameter.

The screen is covered with a decent factory film, which also serves as a shield from fatty hands and fingerprints.

Camera – smartphone reviews 2014

Module front camera smartphone reviews 2014 takes pictures at a maximum resolution of 2 MP. The quality depends on the lighting and the frequency and amplitude of the shaking. But with video calling things better, not least because of the fixation of the smartphone on a stand.

Impression ImSMART C471 - the best smartphone reviews 2014

Camera settings abound in different filters. Then you and the reduction of flicker frequency, and different effects on the similarity transformation of the image in the cartoon image.

The main camera is equipped with autofocus and flash. The maximum image resolution – 5MP. Again, your best friend becomes light. In domestic use camera more than usability, see for yourself:

Main trick is that the image on your phone look very good for social networks – at the time. But to view images on a computer – a thankless task, there is, alas, the pixels will be visible to the naked eye.

Hardware, software and sound

I’ll start with the sound. Speaker is very loud and quality, both for budget smartphone reviews 2014. No squeaks, gurgling and other negative effects, I did not notice. Thanks to the clever design of the smartphone reviews 2014, involving rounding of the speaker, the sound of the incoming ring tone is not suppressed when the device is on the table or in your pocket. In headphones situation is similar – the stock volume is good, the quality is above average, depending on the headphones. Available software equalizer and built-in firmware technology to improve sound quality.

Impression ImSMART C471 - the best smartphone reviews 2014

Impression ImSMART C471 smartphone reviews 2014 is built on the platform of fiscal 2013 – MediaTek MT6582M with video core GPU Mali-400MP2. For the benefit of the user employs 4 core Cortex-A7 at up to 1.3 GHz. During the operation, even during games smartphone reviews 2014 practically not heated, which is attributed to the pros. RAM 1 GB – another nice bonus, constant – 4 GB, but would like more. The volume of the built-in storage can be expanded with memory cards up to 32 GB.

Impression ImSMART C471 - the best smartphone reviews 2014

Really impressed with the performance tests of the device. In our benchmarks Vellamo Impression ImSMART C471 smartphone reviews 2014 sometimes overtakes Nexus 4 and very close to the SGS3 and Motorola Moto G. recall that the last is based on a chip Qulcomm Snapdragon 400.

Provides this rather impressive performance clean smartphone reviews 2014 version of Android 4.4.2

Availability of the latest version of the OS on a smartphone adds a plus for his appeal and promise to the company to upgrade the device to Android L alludes to the attractiveness of the device in the long term. But the coolest trick in front. By force of habit, I went to the menu and found a developer to activate runtime ART, than immediately took advantage.

Impression ImSMART C471 - the best smartphone reviews 2014

In practice, this gives us even greater performance, which is especially important to not the most powerful of the filling. Indeed, the delay observed only in heavy toys, and while working with complex graphic elements.

Autonomy Impression ImSMART C471

Impression ImSMART C471 - the best smartphone reviews 2014

Impression ImSMART C471 smartphone reviews 2014 is equipped with a 1800 mAh battery. Thanks MTK platform and not too voracious screen, I have enough charge for two days of use. Most of the load were surfing, sotsialochki and calls on both SIM-card. In the smartphone reviews 2014 dialer will last about four to five days. In the sleep mode the power consumption is minimized.

Impression ImSMART C471 - the best smartphone reviews 2014

Removable battery allows you to purchase if you want a spare.

Conclusions on Impression ImSMART C471

Impression ImSMART C471 - the best smartphone reviews 2014

Impression ImSMART C471 me a bit shocked in the best sense of the word. This is the perfect symbiosis of opportunities hardware and software in a very nice package with original texture. Dissatisfaction can be expressed only on the camera and a small amount of built-in storage. The smartphone reviews 2014 can be purchased at popular online stores for 130$ or on its official website a bit more expensive.


As I said in the introduction, I found four more interesting models in the segment up to 150$. Let’s see what they can to please potential buyers and how they can compete with smartphone reviews 2014 ImSMART C471 for the best.

Competitor №1

Very interesting model is the Prestigio MultiPhone 5453 DUO. Prestigio MultiPhone 5453 DUO

Interesting model is the same platform (MediaTek MT6582) and twice the memory – 8 GB. Smartphone reviews 2014 boasts vosmimegapikselnaya camera and the latest version of the operating system Android 4.4. Among the shortcomings are the 4.5-inch screen with a low resolution 960h540, battery smaller volume for 1700 mAh battery and a slightly higher price. In addition, the subjective judgment of Prestigio has a rather boring appearance.

Competitor № 2

A bit dated one-sim Nokia Lumia 625 has a huge variation in the price proposals. Opportunity to buy this smartphone reviews 2014 for 130$ makes it very interesting contender for the purchase.

Low resolution of the screen and a small amount of RAM Nokia Lumia 625 with confidence overlaps impressive by the standards of such devices, the battery capacity of 2000 mAh, very interesting design and the operating system Windows Phone 8.1. It is thanks to the latest user can count on excellent work device, smooth animation and fast operation of supported applications. Bright side also complement 8 GB of internal memory.

Competitor №3

Samsung S7272 Galaxy Ace 3 smartphone reviews 2014, as a representative of a famous brand, was also honored our attention thanks to a modest price tag and support for two SIM-cards.

Once popular line of Ace has been its successful existence is with the release of this model. If the first two differed balanced performance for a reasonable price, then the third and fourth version – absolute gesture that naive position as the heirs of the legendary Ace’s. Reasons to buy a smartphone reviews 2014 are three:

The rest is a walking kingdom glitches and negative, built on the platform Broadcom BCM21664, pulling in the best case for the 2012 model year, but not on a modern solution.

Competitor №4

Last on our list of current competitors in the segment up to 150$ – Lenovo IdeaPhone A680. His average cost is at 125$ and for the money he has something to offer to the potential buyer.

Two SIM-card, 1 GB of RAM, the battery capacity of 2000 mAh – good arguments, is not it? Throw in a similar Impression ImSMART C471 smartphone reviews 2014 get serious contender for the title of the best. And the cause is that the Lenovo A680 was only contender to win, is the most important part of any smartphone reviews 2014, namely the screen. With an impressive 5 inches in diagonal matrix has just horrendous resolution of 854 × 480 and a density of 196 pixels per inch. This means that the item you interact with the most, you would rather juicy and rich images to show you a grid of colored pixels. And sorry, would have less A680 diagonal and higher the resolution, it would be almost the best deal for its price.

Conclusions – smartphone reviews 2014

Impression ImSMART C471 - the best smartphone reviews 2014

So, on behalf of the entire editorial smartphone reviews 2014 Impression ImSMART C471 receives the title of best smartphone reviews 2014 in the price range up to 150$, which can be found in the official retail. This uncompromising and versatile smartphone reviews 2014 with a list of features that satisfy most of the requests of the average user. He confidently bypasses competitors, some of which are very close to the finish line of our competition.

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