New Surface tablet is already being tested – a total of three new models expected

Microsoft has presented the Surface RT tablet last year and discovered later that the tablet is not really well received in the market. This is probably mainly due to the poorly marketed RT Windows operating system, so that the customers were rather disappointed with the device or there still are. Also, the fact that virtually all other hardware partners have jumped on board and produce no more scares Microsoft Windows RT models anscheinen not bring them from another Surface RT model. This is according to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer in an internal test and should bring the usual improvements.

This means that bringing the 10-inch model with a well 800 Snapdragon processor, a better screen and perhaps a slightly different style. In addition to this model is also still an 8-inch device to be planned, which probably comes with Tegra 4 processor. The Surface Pro, you also miss an update and this is equipped with the latest Microsoft Haswell processors. When this is the case is not yet known. Also, I’m curious about whether Microsoft can still turn the tide or whether they have done with the Surface RT too much broken.

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