Review of Android-smartphone Lenovo S90 Sisley

Review of Android-smartphone Lenovo S90 Sisley

Review of Android-smartphone Lenovo S90 Sisley

Release of the new iPhone is always a heated debate, the model attracts maximum attention. The popularity of apple smartphone is so high that it is more than enough for passing PR many competitors, which, although somewhat compete with him. This year, everything went according to the usual scenario – do not have time to discuss flexible iPhone 6 as the network has information about the smartphone Lenovo, reminding him suspicious . Soon leakage received official confirmation – we brought a brand new Lenovo S90 Sisley, with whom we met in this review.

Design and usability

If you look at the front panel of Lenovo S90 Sisley, then we would be typical, unremarkable, Android-smartphone. Conditionally “blood” origin can be determined by corporate pattern of touch keys, though overly simple lattice design of the earpiece is associated with obscure Chinese manufacturers.

The entire front panel is covered completely flat protective glass, the sides of the speaker grilles can be seen LED flash and front camera lens.

Physical keys are concentrated on the left side. Here you can find the power button and volume control.

Review of Android-smartphone Lenovo S90 Sisley

The top of the smartphone contains a plastic insert, which placed second microphone and headset jack.

On the left side you will notice the tray for two Micro-SIM, to extract it, you need to use a paper clip.

Review of Android-smartphone Lenovo S90 Sisley

Last, the lower side contains port MicroUSB, fixing screws and two gratings arranged symmetrically interface connector. For the right to withhold ring dynamics, and behind the left – the microphone.

The back contains the usual smartphone camera lens with flash and logo of the manufacturer.

Review of Android-smartphone Lenovo S90 Sisley

The question that we are most interested in – is how Lenovo S90 Sisley will be similar to Apple iPhone 6 ? We came to the conclusion smartphones like the details, but the first can not be called a second copy. If you look at the characters on the front side, it is easy to conclude that they are similar only the shape of the hull.

Review of Android-smartphone Lenovo S90 Sisley

When viewed from behind things get more interesting, especially if retouch logos and service information.

Sidewall smartphones are similar in shape as much as possible identical trays decorated simkarty.

Review of Android-smartphone Lenovo S90 Sisley

For those who are used to judge the smartphone tactile sensations, we can say that the models are similar, but the full identity iPhone 6 Lenovo S90 Sisley still far away. Most similar texture metal housing fillet, evoke associations with the original iPhones, but flat glass screen runs the feeling of deja vu. In such a comparison, the Apple device comes out the clear winner. Unlike S90 Sisley, its design feels complete.

Review of Android-smartphone Lenovo S90 Sisley

If you move away from the comparisons, we note the excellent build quality Lenovo S90 Sisley: All parts fit tightly, the gaps between them are not available. The design was very tough. Physical keys are average in terms of convenience – they practically do not protrude above the surface, the difference between the glossy surface of the buttons and the rough face of the housing is almost not felt.

Review of Android-smartphone Lenovo S90 Sisley

Note and others, almost “family” features. Lenovo S90 Sisley body turned out quite slippery materials are not very tenacious, smart phone trying to jump out of the hands dry. The second feature, which resembles iPhone – not optimal dimensions, which have become more visible because of the increased screen diagonal. Screen frame, complemented the scope of the case, great “chins” make the width and height Lenovo Sisley comparable to the 5.2-inch counterparts.

All this is a bit impairs usability, although the overall model is comparable with other five-inch smartphones. In addition, Lenovo S90 Sisley turned out quite thin. 6.9 mm thickness are far from record levels, but positive impact on the overall perception of the model.

Review of Android-smartphone Lenovo S90 Sisley

Despite the fact that Google has long been campaigning for the use of on-screen control buttons, many companies, including Lenovo, ignore its recommendations and use touch-sensitive buttons. In this case, instead of a list of recent key applications running most of the models (S90 in particular) are equipped with the menu button necessity which in most cases is questionable. To access the list of programs have to use a long press Menu. In the case of Lenovo S90 Sisley situation slightly smooths gesture support on the desktop (swipe up / down, double tap), which can be assigned to the opening of the notification bar or access the list of running applications.


Lenovo S90 Sisley received a 5-inch SuperAMOLED display with a resolution of 1280 by 720 pixels. Its maximum brightness of 270 cd / m², and the minimum is lowered to 4.4 cd / m² in the normal mode, or up to 0.8 cd / m² in night mode.

Review of Android-smartphone Lenovo S90 Sisley

In general, we have a normal display. Between the glass matrix and no air gap, which positively affects the quality of the image. The maximum brightness below the usual indicators of AMOLED-display, so a bright sunny day it will not be enough for comfortable use a smartphone, while the minimum brightness level, which Lenovo S90 Sisley shows in night mode, is one of the best we’ve seen.

The quality of the factory calibration of the display is at a good level. Small claims only to scale, which ranges from a reference value of 2.2 for dark image areas to 1.5 for light, which may lead to a deterioration of the contrast of the image is too bright.

The other parameters display is quite good – it has the usual AMOLED screen for the widest color gamut, color temperature close to the reference value.

In addition, we note the maximum viewing angles (there are no color distortion even when viewed diagonally) and the average quality of the oleophobic coating.

Hardware Platform

As hardware platform Lenovo S90 Sisley stands quad SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 (MSM8916). From its popular predecessor, Snapdragon 400, which found a place in a variety of smartphones in the middle segment 2013-14 years, it is different 64-bit calculus, modern ARMv8 cores Cortex-A53 and updated Adreno 306 graphics core.

Review of Android-smartphone Lenovo S90 Sisley

Recall that most of the benefits of the new platform can be assessed after a possible upgrade to a smartphone Android 5.0 Lollipop, while the same model running the usual Android 4.4.4 KitKat.

Review of Android-smartphone Lenovo S90 Sisley

Traditionally, Lenovo, smartphone S90 Sisley will have several versions with different technical characteristics, which will be sold in different markets. Initially announced version is equipped with 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal (sold in the home market), while we got a test version of the index S90-A – it amounts of RAM and ROM increased to 2 and 32 GB (26 GB available ) respectively. Top specifications officially sold version will translate into significantly greater (compared with China) price from online stores will feature both versions of the smartphone, as it was with the Lenovo S860 and other models.

Despite the fact that the review was an engineering sample of Lenovo S90 Sisley with no final firmware to the speed and stability of the smartphone we did not have any comments. CPU performance is enough for most tasks, and increased the amount of RAM allows you to switch between the different programs are not watching their reloading. Firmware normally optimized desktops thumbed through without slowdown, smooth animation.

Calls, multimedia

In the Lenovo S90 Sisley implemented simultaneous operation of two Micro-SIM card based on one radio. The smartphone has a few sound profiles: Normal, Silent, Vibrate, on the street. The first and last simkarty allow you to specify different ringtones and messages. Job Settings “simok” similar to other smartphones. Recording of telephone conversations can be conducted by regular means.

Review of Android-smartphone Lenovo S90 Sisley

The quality of the telephone functions is at a normal level. The earpiece has a good supply of volume, caller’s voice sound clearly. The vibrating alert is average in power felt in the pockets of clothing. Multimedia speaker in our sample had an average volume – from the pockets of clothing signal an incoming call was hardly distinguishable, besides mids played with noticeable distortion, which was clearly visible on the distorted voice of people. We hope that this is just a feature of the test sample.

The quality of music playback is at “slightly above average”, this parameter Lenovo S90 Sisley suit most users. Stock volume is small, the smartphone will be hard to shake the headphones with an impedance of 32 ohms or more. Lovers watch video on a smartphone is better to install a third-party player, because codec support is poor.

Operating system and shell

The interface is similar to the last device Lenovo. The shell is not the usual application menu, all programs are located on the desktop and sorted into folders. Type of interface icons embedded applications can be changed using the “Themes”. On the lock screen off, you can turn on the camera and launch gestures unlock the screen. Depending on your location or time of day, you can configure the behavior of different scenarios, when the smartphone will change the sound level, brightness, run certain programs, etc.

Operation time

Lenovo S90 Sisley was modest by today’s standards, the battery capacity of 2300 mAh, which can be regarded as payback for thin and light body. SuperAMOLED screen allows you to achieve acceptable results in our tests, but the reality is not deceive – in the usual usage profile of the author smartphones Lenovo S90 Sisley works for about a day, showing 3-4 hours of active screen.

Review of Android-smartphone Lenovo S90 Sisley

In absolute numbers, the results are usually, but given the small capacity of the battery operating time is at a normal level – most users battery will miss at least the daylight hours of active use or a half day of work at an average load.


The smartphone has two cameras: the main unit is able to take photos at a maximum resolution 13 megapixel, equipped with LED flash and autofocus. The front camera has a resolution of 8 megapixels and is excreted by the presence of the flash, which should improve the quality of self-portraits when shooting in low light conditions.

Review of Android-smartphone Lenovo S90 Sisley

Camera app has a familiar setting and a minimum set of shooting modes. In addition to improving the photos taken with the front camera by removing blemishes and opportunities fill the screen in yellow or pink at the time of shooting, it has nothing very special.


Lenovo S90 Sisley – Smartphone middle segment in slim metal body. A model shows a certain similarity of design with Apple iPhone 6, this she may appeal to some users. A direct comparison of smartphones is not quite right – between them there is a significant difference in price, Apple product benefits from greater attention to detail, better ergonomics, camera. At the same time, the primary (metal) part of the housing S90 Sisley is comparable to that of the iPhone, smart phones like the speed and uptime, as a bonus, Lenovo provides support for two SIM-cards. In general, those who dreamed about the iPhone 6 to Android, may look to the hero of the review.

Review of Android-smartphone Lenovo S90 Sisley

If you move away from the comparison of models, we have before us a good example would be strong “middling” the end of 2014 – beginning of 2015. He released an updated hardware platform with increased RAM and non-volatile memory, high-quality metal casing. Given the fact that the model number of Lenovo already has plenty of good smartphones middle segment with an interesting design, it turns out interesting diversification when alternatively rectangular plastic and metal X2 and Z2 can select rounded aluminum S90.

We liked:

+ The material thickness of the shell, the build quality

+ Color rendition display brightness level of the minimum

+ Modern SoC, 2 GB RAM, 32 GB ROM

+ Support for two SIM-cards

+ Loud earpiece

+ Front-facing camera resolution of 8 megapixels with flash

We do not like:

– Dimensions, slippery body

– No memory card slot (for those who will miss the 26 GB of memory)

– Quality of Multimedia Speakers

– A small battery

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