Google will pay for domain XYZ $ 8 per year

Google will pay for domain XYZ $ 8 per year

How to ship call, so it will float – consider the sailors. In the IT-world this proverb in some way true, because a comfortable, simple catchy domains popular dissonant. Of course, for holding Alphabet, which was created by Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, and that Google will soon.

Feature of new domain XYZ from Google

Daniel Nagari is the owner of the company domain XYZ, which sells addresses on the domain name .xyz. Abc. xyz domain was bought by the creators of the holding, and here came the first page.

The former owner said that the name of the site on his domain was registered more March 20, 2014, the company MarkMonitor, which is part of a group of Thomson Reuters. In fact, MarkMonitor the Internet serves as a “real estate agent”, helping large customers to conclude a transaction and acquiring for them certain goods, services or rights, including when the real buyers in the transaction of their name do not want to disclose.

Google will pay for domain XYZ $ 8 per year

The transaction amount was not disclosed, but for the use of a domain name in a zone. The domain XYZ company will continue to pay $ 8 a year. However, the official website of domain XYZ contains a different price for the annual domain – $ 10. What guided the registrar, making Google $ 2 discount is unclear. But fun.

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