Laptop Acer Extensa 2509-P3ZG review - soldier on the front line

Laptop Acer Extensa 2509-P3ZG review – soldier on the front line

Laptop Acer Extensa 2509-P3ZG review - soldier on the front line

From The series Extensa, perhaps one of the oldest in Acer. Often these models are not enough stars in the sky, but are perfect for office tasks. Their discreet design emphasizes once belonging to the work, and not for entertainment. Sometimes it happens that laptops Extensa were in the shadows, giving way to the computer market more efficient competitors. However, now they are hearing, especially after appearing novelties – 15-inch models Extensa 2509 and 2510, which, according to the manufacturer, are characterized by high reliability. We try to understand the example of Acer Extensa 2509-P3ZG review, what these modern devices, how they budget or powerful, can compete with more expensive laptops?

Design – Acer Extensa 2509-P3ZG review

The exterior of this notebook discreet, increasingly austere. On the cover of the device and the interior can be seen only company logo. In general, expect something special is not necessary, yes, indeed, for this does not need to once again on what not distracted. The shape of the laptop more streamlined than pointed. All corners are rounded. By the way, the laptop is in the black coloring; almost its entire surface dull, they completely invisible fingerprints.

Laptop Acer Extensa 2509-P3ZG review - soldier on the front line

On the one hand, the laptop Acer Extensa 2509-P3ZG review case is strong enough; it will withstand not only possible vibration and temperature changes. On the other – the plastic used in the Acer Extensa 2509 can sag in places that are not very nice. Dimensions of the device are 381x256x30 mm, and weighs 2.5 kg laptop. This is the most common indicators that do not claim to something special.

Display, sound, webcam – Acer Extensa 2509-P3ZG review

Laptop Acer Extensa 2509-P3ZG review - soldier on the front line

Notebook Acer Extensa 2509-P3ZG review is equipped with 15.6-inch display with a resolution of 1366×768 pixels and LED-backlit. He is the most that on is the budget, with him on a lot not count. And somewhere out there, if the level of brightness and contrast are not above average, and the image inversion occurs every time a slightly deviates laterally from the screen. At the same time, the transmitted color well, and matte surface is substantially glared. In general, such a display is good for simple daily work, such as an office, but not for serious photo processing and professional video editing.

Laptop Acer Extensa 2509-P3ZG review - soldier on the front line

Acoustic features of the notebook can be estimated as average. Treble and sufficiently loud sound, that’s probably the main thing that you hear when listening to music through two stereo speakers. As for the webcam, it has a resolution of 1.3 megapixels, which is enough to communicate in Skype.

Keyboard and Touchpad – Acer Extensa 2509-P3ZG review

Designers took advantage of literally the entire width of the work surface, placing full-size keyboard with an extra number pad. Almost all of the keys of medium size, with the exception of the control arrows. The surface of each button is flat, with a clear marking. Average key travel and a little tight. All this taken together allows you to easily print, though doing this all day.

Laptop Acer Extensa 2509-P3ZG review - soldier on the front line

With regard to the touchpad, it is strongly shifted to the left from the center. However, the convenience of positioning is not at all affected. What’s missing from the manipulator is an instantaneous response to commands; in any case, when you scroll gesture had to be repeated several times.

Performance – Acer Extensa 2509-P3ZG review

Laptop Acer Extensa 2509-P3ZG (NX.EEZER.005) works on the operating system Linux, which, however, does not prevent replace it with Windows 8. From the variety of chips selected Intel Pentium N3530 clocked at 2.16 GHz and the amount of cache in the second level 2 MB. This processor is built on 22-nanometer technology, has four cores, which allows faster processing of various tasks. In addition, it energy efficient, since the coefficient of TDP does not exceed 7.5 watts. Pentium N3530 is able to handle most problems if they are not the kind of resource. In other words, it can be to find information on the Internet, work with office applications, etc.

Laptop Acer Extensa 2509-P3ZG review - soldier on the front line

The processor is complemented by the integrated Intel HD Graphics (Bay Trail). It supports DirectX 11 and has a total of four actuators. As this card uses the memory allocated from system. For today’s complex challenges, this schedule is too weak, but with the decoding of video image displayed on the two external monitors handles it easily. As for games, something about the Thief (2014), Splinter Cell: Blacklist (2013), Tomb Raider, and the like can be forgotten. At the same time in The Elder Scrolls Online or StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm will play on minimum settings with a frequency of 30 fps. Even relatively obsolete toys and they do not always go to the medium, except that the Counter-Strike: GO 25 fps at native resolution of the display.

Laptop Acer Extensa 2509-P3ZG review - soldier on the front line

Options also offer hard drive capacity of 500 GB and a spindle speed of 5400 rpm. This is quite normal volume; it will be enough for documentation files and durable. By the way, you can store the data not only on the hard drive, but also in the virtual cloud AcerCloud. As for RAM, the 4 GB is enough to laptop worked without delay with many running programs. By the way, the RAM is DDR3 standard and bus frequency up to 1600MHz.

Ports and Communications – Acer Extensa 2509-P3ZG review

Port is only the side faces of the device. Thus, the right side of Acer Extensa 2509 is provided under the integrated optical drive DVD ± RW, two USB 2.0 ports and a socket for recharging. But the left is filled with more tightly. In particular, it is a standard USB 3.0 video output VGA, HDMI, Kensington lock slot and a network RJ-45 port. Also here you can see the combined audio jack for headphones and microphone.

Laptop Acer Extensa 2509-P3ZG review - soldier on the front line

On the front end is a card reader SD and two LEDs. Behind all free.

Laptop Acer Extensa 2509-P3ZG review - soldier on the front line

As for wireless communications, they represented Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n and Bluetooth 4.0.

Battery – Acer Extensa 2509-P3ZG review

The laptop is 6-segment lithium-ion battery 55.9 Wh. In the web surfing is discharged for six and a half hours. So too long to be away from an outlet, you should not.

Conclusion – Acer Extensa 2509-P3ZG review

Options considered in the review, costs about $ 450. A lot or a little for this laptop, to judge you. What the manufacturer offers for this cost? The most standard is now available in most budget laptops. In particular, it is not the most powerful processor, mediocre TN-display, a traditional set of ports and connectors, as well as extremely sleek design, no frills. Against the background of the above items can be identified matte screen surface, due to which there will be less glare, comfortable keyboard, of course, the body withstand changes in temperature, vibration and minor bumps. Well, probably for the price and costs can buy a laptop Acer Extensa 2509-P3ZG review, however, provided that your main job is associated with simple office applications and web surfing.

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