iOS 7 discharges the iPhone 5 is much faster

The operating system iOS 7 , released last night, has caused not only delight the owners of the new generations of devices Apple, but dissatisfaction and owners of older models. First of all we are talking about the low level of performance of the previous generation devices. However, if you own an iPhone 5 , we advise you to think carefully before upgrading to the new firmware. While iOS 7 on this smartphone runs smoothly and quickly, all this is essentially reflected on the battery charge.

As a result of tests carried out by the website Ars Technica, battery performance has been compared on the basis of the iPhone 5 iOS iOS 6 and 7 in the process of web browsing on Wi-Fi. Experts report that the phone was used by plants dumped without any software modifications.

It was later revealed that the installed iOS 6 smartphone enough charge on the pages in just over 11 hours. As for browsing on the iPhone 5 with iOS installed 7, it has been demonstrated here is much more modest figure – 7.4 hours. Thus, iPhone 5 based on iOS 7 is discharged to 36% faster than before the upgrade. At the same time, if you look at the chart above, we can see that none of the other devices did not show such a significant reduction in battery life.

It should be noted that this study has its own nuances. The fact is that during the test was used CDMA-version of the iPhone 5 running on the network operator Verizon. U.S. carriers mounted on a special version of locked phones firmware, and it is possible that the problem is just that. At the same time, our readers who use GSM-unlocked version of the iPhone 5, is also reported that the installation of iOS 7 is clearly not benefited the working battery. Therefore we advise you to come to a decision on updating the most seriously downgrade to iOS 6 without jailbreaking you will not succeed.

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