Eric Schmidt says that Google Glass early to bury

Eric Schmidt says that Google Glass early to bury

Eric Schmidt says that Google Glass early to bury

About a month ago, Google announced its intention to suspend the project Google Glass. Many media outlets immediately decided that the project will be closed forever. However, Google representatives have repeatedly denied such a point of view, and now Eric Schmidt once again said that the project will live.

In an interview with Wall Street Journal Schmidt said that Google Glass is now in the hands of the inventor of the iPod and a smart thermostat Nest Tony Fidell. According to Schmidt, Fidell able to breathe new impetus to the project goggles corporation Google.

Schmidt also said that the adoption of the concept of Google Glass society will take time – and here he drew an analogy with cars with automatic control. Now and cars of this type and Google Glass surprise people but not accepted by the public.

The process of dissemination and promotion of such things happen and technologies over time. In addition, Eric Schmidt said that Google Glass – a key factor in the corporation on the way to becoming the market leader wearable devices.

Now the company plans to enter into a partnership agreement with the manufacturer points Luxottica.

Whatever it was, the second version of Google Glass we will see soon – maybe a year, maybe more. I would like to corporation in the new project has taken into account all the previous mistakes.

Source: Cnet

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