Syrian insurgents use iPad for aiming artillery

Militants “Free Syrian Army” began to use iPad for putting ordnance on the position of the government troops. According to the ” ITAR-TASS “, the opposition are applications for the tablet, which are created for athletes and professional military.

“Guiding applications” are well represented in the online store Apple. According to the publication, these programs “are designed for owners of small arms and are designed for a short distance.” Militants can also use the iPad for the correct angle pointing mortars, as many of them are homemade and do not have appropriate staffing tools.

The Syrian opposition is not the first time adapting civilian equipment for the war effort. Earlier, there were reports of improvised self-propelled artillery units on the basis of off-road vehicles, as well as catapults and giant slingshot. But before that, the militants did not take advantage to high-tech equipment.

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Look a video from russian roads:


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