Google Ara

Google Ara shown at I / O 2014

Google Ara

Innovation, which captures the spirit of – that is what many were waiting on Google I / O 2014, hoping to see in action Wear , Ara and Glass. The possibility of “smart” glasses and have not been demonstrated – and they were objective reasons , but an early prototype of a modular smartphone engineers brought to the conference. What came of it – you can see under the cut.

Design Google Ara

If you first hear about gadgets whose components you can select your own, adding smartphone dreams as Lego, take a look at the theoretical materials about Ara here.

But the practical realization of the ambitious project Google is far from perfect. Presumably the novelty will eliminate the compromises when choosing a gadget (Paul Eremenko, who directs the process, gave the example of choice of camera for optimum performance with devices instead of having to choose a device on the camera), but apparently this does not happen in the near future:

During the demonstration prototype Ara involved, showing all logo Android, but could not even get desktop.

Unknown at this time, the developers have time to submit a working sample in Q1 2015 (during this period, according to rumors, the first planned release Ara), what do you think?

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